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ManScaped – Manscaping Products

man scapedJosh and Steve King, a father and son entrepreneurial team, introduce the Sharks to ManScaped, their “manscaping” products for men, in episode 1004. Man Scaped specifically makes products for grooming “below the belt.” The company mission is “caring for your crotch.” Their products includes the Crop Cleanser, a wash; the Preserver, an anti-chafing moisturizer; the Reviver, a spritz; the Plow, a safety razor; and the Lawn Mower, a trimmer. All the products are designed for safely caring for “the family jewels.”

The company came about after Steve talked to his dad about a night he was with his friends swapping horror stories about manscaping. Some of them, which I won’t repeat here, are cringe worthy. The conversation led them to realize nobody was marketing to the manscaping market.

The Manscaping products in the line are specifically designed to handle coarse hair. The trimmer runs at 4,000 to 6,000 reps per minute and when the battery depletes, it stops so a slower speed won’t tug at hair. Manscaping has some esthetic benefits, particularly for women who like a tamed jungle down there. They also tout the psychological advantages for men: “if you trim the bushes, the tree is going to look bigger. And if the tree looks bigger, you feel good.”

My Take on Manscaping

I have to admit I don’t have any manscaping horror stories because I’ve never done any work down there. The only time I’ve ever been shaved below the belt was for hernia surgery. I think this is something women push more than men. In fact, I  bet more women purchase this product for men as a gift than there are men who buy it for themselves.

Like I said, I never did any manscaping on myself, nor do I know anyone who has. I never had a conversation about it either, I thought it was a joke. Maybe it’s generational too. I know one thing, I wouldn’t buy this for myself and if someone bought it for me, I probably wouldn’t use it. I am out.

Do Sharks See The Forest for the Trees?

ManScaped claims they are the number one company in this space. While they may be, there are dozens of other shavers aimed at below the belt shaving from names like Gillette, Phillips Norelco, Remington and more. These are electric razor behemoths that could squish manscaped like a bug. The Sharks will know this too.

Despite that fact, there might be some interest if the numbers are good. Lori could actually have some interest in this because her large female QVC audience is the perfect market for these products. The guys might be interested, but if they are like me, the don’t manscape their own bodies. I think it’s Lori or bust.

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