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Rekkie Smart Ski Goggles

smart ski goggles

The Pease brothers, creators of REKKIE smart ski goggles, know that skiing and snowboarding have long been beloved winter activities that have seen their fair share of technological advancements over the years. From the evolution of ski equipment to the development of high-speed lifts, the world of winter sports continues to change and adapt. In this ever-evolving landscape, a group of friends led by Henry, David, and Fletcher Pease embarked on a journey to create a game-changing product for winter enthusiasts – the REKKIE smart ski goggles.

The idea for REKKIE goggles was born on a picturesque day in Lake Tahoe when co-founder Henry decided to venture off the beaten path and take a shortcut through the trees. Little did he know that this spontaneous decision would lead to a trail fork, separating him from the rest of his group. In an area with poor reception and no way to communicate, Henry found himself faced with a crucial decision that many skiers and snowboarders have encountered: which path to take, and how to reunite with his friends. This dilemma gave birth to the REKKIE vision – to create smart ski goggles equipped with a heads-up display that allows users to easily stay connected with their friends and access essential information while on the slopes.

What’s in a Name?

But why the name “REKKIE”? The moniker is derived from British military slang for reconnaissance, aligning perfectly with the goggles’ purpose of scouting ahead and exploring the mountain with the confidence of knowing your friends’ locations, communications, and other vital information are just a glance away.

The REKKIE smart ski goggles team is a group of avid skiers and snowboarders with a shared passion for the mountains and an unrelenting drive to enhance the winter sports experience. Each co-founder brings a unique skill set to the table. Henry, responsible for designing the hardware, often finds himself hiking ridgelines to discover untouched snow, putting the goggles’ durability to the test. Henry, the software whiz, crafted the REKKIE app and backend software from the ground up. And then there’s Fletcher, the dedicated rider of the group, who heads up sales, finance, and accounting. David, when not repairing core shots to his skis, takes charge of manufacturing, marketing, and operations.

REKKIE smart ski goggles represent the next revolution in improving the skiing and snowboarding experience. These goggles have been designed, tested, and iterated with genuine passion and love for the sport. The co-founders are not just creating a product; they are crafting something they use every time they hit the mountain. The goal is simple – to make REKKIE goggles the only choice for your next mountain adventure.

Heads Up

What sets REKKIE goggles apart from traditional ski eyewear is the integration of smart technology. While they offer the same clarity and protection you’d expect from high-quality goggles, they also provide a heads-up display that projects essential data directly onto your lenses. After a simple setup process involving charging, downloading the app, and pairing with your smartphone, the goggles become your personal hub of information on the mountain.

The Heads-Up Display (HUD) appears as a transparent overlay on the top and middle of your goggle lens, ensuring it doesn’t interfere with your vision. This display provides information such as the time, your speed in miles per hour, your altitude, a compass, battery life status, the number of unread text messages, and the proximity of friends within 10 yards. Navigating through this wealth of data is intuitive, as a simple press on the housing of the goggle strap activates a menu that can be controlled by head movements, akin to a computer mouse.

But Wait, There’s More

REKKIE smart ski goggles also allow you to answer phone calls directly through the goggles, provided you have compatible audio speakers (not included). A single tap on the housing answers the call, and a double tap declines it. While there is a minor setting adjustment required for iPhone users, it’s a minor inconvenience that’s likely to be addressed soon.

One of the most impressive features of REKKIE goggles is the ability to pinpoint the location of your friends on the mountain. Even if your friends don’t have REKKIE goggles, as long as they have the app installed on their smartphones, you can see their exact location on a map displayed on your phone. This innovation ensures you never lose sight of your buddies while enjoying the slopes.

They Still Work Like Goggles

Despite the advanced technology, REKKIE hasn’t sacrificed visual quality or comfort. These goggles offer a high-quality field of vision, excellent ventilation to prevent fogging, and a comfortable strap. Additionally, you can choose from various lens colors to match your preferences and skiing conditions.

REKKIE smart ski goggles are not just a piece of winter sports gear; they represent a new frontier in ski technology. They bring convenience, safety, and a touch of adventure to the slopes, ensuring you can stay connected with your friends while enjoying the mountain to its fullest. With the REKKIE vision and their dedication to creating a superior product, the Pease brothers and their team have introduced a game-changing addition to the world of skiing and snowboarding.

My Take on Rekkie Smart Ski Goggles

My skiing days are over. Between my knees, my back and my (new) hip, it’s just not happening for me anymore. Back in the day, I was an avid skiier. I skied all over New England, in Aspen and all over Utah. Goggles were a must and had these been available then, I would have had them. I think they’re really cool, but I am not a customer.

Will Sharks Like Smart Ski Goggles?

Mark may like them, but he won’t make an offer. The Magic 5, a company he invested in with Robert back in season 13, is also making ski goggles, he’ll go out because of a conflict of interest. The only Shark that skis is Barbara and she invested in a couple of ski related businesses: Ski-Z in season 10 and Mountainflow Eco Wax in season 12. If these guys get an offer, it’ll be from Barbara.

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