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Scott Jordan TEC – Kirk’s Preview

Technology Enabled ClothingScott Jordan, founder of Technology Enabled Clothing enters Shark Tank to pitch his company. This by far is the most advanced company to enter the Shark Tank and is pushing the line of seeking Angel Investment. That can only mean one thing, a publicity and marketing stunt for the company.

Rob (co-author of this blog) said Scott Jordan calls Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple for advice during the presentation.  That’s pretty impressive and then you take a look at all the other people who are serving on the Advisory Board or are company officers and it reaffirms my view that this is a total publicity stunt.

Initially I thought Technology Enabled Clothing came for the connections in the clothing industry, but having Kenneth “Hap” Klopp, founder of North Face as Chairman of the Board pretty much eliminates the connections need.

Scott Jordan is an attorney with stories in Entrepreneur Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and even in college text books. To me, he’s on the show for a demonstration, not as a struggling Entrepreneur trying to fund a start-up company.

According to the Entrepreneur Magazine write-up, his vest, then called “e-vest” appeared on HBO’s “The Wire” and on “ER”. It was also on Exhibit at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. Again, with connections like this, why does Scott Jordan appear on Shark Tank.

The one interesting number is that in 2003, projected revenue for Technology Enabled Clothing was $5 Million and in 2010 Revenues were $6 Million. Has the company maxed out the potential and is Scott Jordan attempting an exit strategy by spinning the company off to one of The Sharks?

Expect Scott Jordan to turn down any offer that made for Technology Enabled Clothing from all Sharks.

I want to know what you think about Technology Enabled Clothing and Scott Jordan’s Pitch. Am I right, or am I wrong?


  1. Sharon Ruggieri says

    Technology clothing? Oh my…you may be right, but I’m not sure I feel positive about it. We’ll play the wait and see game

  2. Erik Van Erne says

    I’m not sure but i guess you’re right

  3. Anne Thomas says

    I think you have a pretty good score on your predictions 🙂

  4. Interesting. Not only ‘teenage’ looking for The Shark. The ‘grown-up’ also looking for some publicity. I’m looking forward to learn the development.

  5. It’s hard to judge the accuracy of your prediction before the show airs. You’re clearly a fan of the program so you’re probably right.

  6. last Baby Boomer says

    This is a great idea and I can see it selling well to a limited market. Think sharper image.

    It is a modern day ivory back scratcher.

  7. I appreciate the mention. Your analysis of the facts are off however. You’ll just have to watch the show and see. In the meantime, please enjoy the following two videos.

    Kick my a$$ LOL

    • Looking forward to it. It looks like you have quite the team in place…. Thanks for sharing and we look forward to learning more after your appearance tonight.

  8. I’d say you’re right on the money. Would be interesting to watch how it all turns out. Please keep us posted.

  9. Ed Blount says

    Does sound like a publicity stunt

  10. With appropriate investment technology enabled clothing can only forge ahead.

  11. I would feel a step closer to Arnold … I’ll be back!
    Seriously though, sell… people just aren’t there yet and, imho, why bother anyway. The idea of technological clothing asks more questions, way more questions, than it can answer. The concept may be sound, and there may even be an inevitable trend coming our way, but this won’t be mainstream… at least not in the foreseeable future.

  12. Bob Warren says

    “Formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune.” -Jim Rohn

  13. JoeJoeKeys says

    That looks amazing!!!

  14. Open-source clothes.

  15. Rich Gavina says

    Interested how they reached out to Steve: It shows him in a good light giving advice not to mention how they all benefit from the free publicity. Good call on that one – R

  16. An excellent, hot look!

  17. John L. Evans says

    I just set my technology enabled underwear to vibrate…. 🙂

    Cheers John

  18. I’ve been a very happy customer for years. I think “tech enabled” has some folks confused. Basically, his clothing is known for having tons of pockets, in addition to special clear pockets that you can control iPhones, iPods, etc. thru. They are made not to bulge so it doesn’t look like a typical jacket loaded with cameras, glasses, phones, change of well-folded clothing (seriously), bottle of water, iPad, map, passport, and more. That’s what was in my pockets on my travel jacket when I went to the Macworld expo. I eliminated a bag (and thus extra fees) and just had a carry on, all because of my Scottevest Essential Travel Jacket. I also own two hoodies, a pair of cargo pants, a cap, and windbreaker. Great stuff!

    I think the marketing should be more mainstream, and not *just* for the geek sector. The clothing looks great, especially now that he’s added a line just for women. Publicity stunt? Maybe. But, all publicity gets the word out even more.

    • Thanks for the comments. The more I see the more I like, and I might even look to pick up a Technology Enabled Clothing Jacket myself for Blog World and Affiliate Summit! 🙂

  19. Kirt, in anticipation of similar questions about my appearance, we are preparing an article with video interviews that will tell the complete story after the airing. Let me know if you are interested. Everything is not as it appears.

    Scott Jordan, CEO and

  20. Sorry, I meant Kirk.



  21. Just saw shark tank. Scott Jordan is utterly disrespectful and a total jackass. I won’t be buying any products from tec (but was originally planning to when I saw the start of the pitch).

  22. I recently purchased about $800 worth of products from Scott’s company, Scottevest. These products are fantastic in addition to being very high quality. After tonight, seeing Scott completely turn the tables on those pompous “sharks”, I have a new found respect for him.

    God forbid anyone should turn THEM down! And when someone does, they take it as a lack of respect and immediately insult them saying “get the hell outta here” and “don’t waste my time”. They seem to have the attitude of saying “How dare you tease us with a great company and then not allow us to make you grovel for money.”

    Publicity stunt? Most likely, but Scott, you completely SMOKED them!

    Well done

    • Partial edit here:
      Very one sided edit. The full story will be released next week. Remember the editors have an hour of footage which ends up in typically 8 minutes of air. In my case, 1 hour of recording turned into 20 minutes of airtime (so they must have loved the drama partially created by them – it was x2 as long as most segments). The edit was done in a fashion to build the characters the editors wanted. For example, I never surprised the Sharks as to what business I was pitching. If you watch it from the get go I was very clear on this point. No misrepresentation. There were so many more interesting things that happened. I could not mention SCOTTEVEST name at all or offer it for sale. But I couldn’t say that in the tank. I assumed the Sharks knew how that worked. Another example, at the end, after I pointed at Kevin and Robert and told them they were out, because I couldn’t negotiate for SCOTTEVEST, the Tank was stunned. I didn’t know what to do. Felt kind of awkward, so I did what my mom taught me: be courteous, shake hands, and walk out with your head high. So, I did, or tried to. Everyone was gracious and gentlemanly, except Robert. I immediately shook Cuban’s hand, he was very gracious and smiled, then Daymond, who said “this guy is brilliant”, then Kevin, who still was trying to do a deal, hugged barb, and finally I reached my hand out to Robert. Robert looked at me and whined (true): “I’m not going to shake your hand. You pointed at me like a 12 year old.” I couldn’t believe it and simply said, “I have been in business for over 20 years, and NO ONE has ever refused to shake my hand.” With that, I turned around and said “I’m out of here”. This was all cut out, until this point. Now, at this point I turned around, only then did Robert say the famous words to my back: “what the hell you point at me and tell me I’m out. Show a little respect” while my back was already to him. In reality it seemed very awkward that a grown man would not shake hands after everyone else did. Remember he siad this to my back as I was walking away after he refused to shake my hand. The editing completely misrepresented that exchange, and many others. In actuality, and the tapes are available I assume, show many significant things very differently and per our agreements they have complete liberty to mix and match timelines to create the store they want. Like I said, there are two sides. Many more interesting things worth noting. As the Sharks continue their untruthful tweets, and Mark’s recent Podcast admitting that he was trying to get me to cry; can you believe that?, I will continue to defend what I did in the tank. I have NOTHING to be ashamed of. I would do it exactly the same, but would have liked to focus more on the product. They got so caught up in the patent, which is only a part of what I was selling. Keep your thoughts coming. I will try to answer your questions and rebute the Shark’s misstatements online. They can’t rewrite history without my voice being a part of it. Just because they have a much bigger soap box doesn’t make their views more accurate or logical. Stay tuned, for the complete truth.

      Scott Jordan, CEO

      • Scott,

        Thanks for sharing your response. We are going to cover this in more depth.


        • Please hope over to my Facebook Fan page and my personal fp pages. There is a very lively discussion going on. I can tell you this: I wanted to get a deal. I was there to get a deal. BUT I wanted the publicity too. Isn’t that why all Entrepreneurs are there? There are easier ways to raise money. If I was lying you would as would the producers see it on my face. See newest installment on my FB page.

          Unedited raw Video of me and Hannah watching Shark Tank as it was airing As you can see from my facial expressions, this was never done solely for publicity. I am accumulating the information to combat all the Shark’s inaccurate and self serving statement. The truth will set you free.

  23. Just watched Scott Jordan on shark tank. My only comment ” I guess all the money and education hasn’t bought Scott common sense and morals”.

    Wouldn’t wear his products even if I was getting paid.

    Scott Jordan “Your Out”

  24. We are going back into the Shark Tank! The episode that we were featured on is being re-aired tomorrow night (Friday, 7/13). Be sure to tune in and get the full back story of the episode here!

  25. After hearing Cuban’s comments about putting a wire in a jacket and using Bluetooth, it helped me decide to NOT purchase this vest. I also thought Scott Jordan looked like a jerk, with or without editing. Very Impressed with himself.

  26. Just watched this…It may be a one sided edit, but you can’t discount that Scott Jordan came off as an egotistical childish jackass… pretending to be on the same level as the Sharks, and speaking in a very disrespectful way …telling Robert ‘Thats Insane’ and acting as if he was interviewing the Sharks..telling them they are out. Is Woz really associated with this guy? Poor Woz…run as fast as you can from this guy (PR issue) , or should we be questioning his ethics now too? Cuban was right, what a completely stupid BS product. To me, it looked like Scott was trying to pull one over on the Sharks…knowing that his patent is basically going to be useless in a few years (and is probably useless now) and trying to sluff it off…getting one last burst out of it (the easy way and without the need for litigation). What an ass to show so much lack of respect and try to deceive this group of actual genuine people, all of whom are wildly more successful (and could read his BS a mile away). I have even more respect now for Robert, knowing that he would not shake hands. Not shaking hands with somebody you disdain is a sign of integrity. No amount of money is going to buy that guy a clue…

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