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The Boona Tandem Shower

the boona tandem showerMeet Brett Skaloud and Jeff Feiereisen, the dynamic duo behind The Boona Tandem Shower, a company focused on innovation and engineering excellence. With a combined experience of designing and building products since 2006, their journey began at the tech giant Amazon, where they contributed to the founding teams for Go, Scout, Explore, and more.

Their latest venture, the Boona Tandem Shower, is set to transform the way we shower together. No more chilly backs or awkward maneuvers to switch sides – the Tandem Shower offers a seamless upgrade to any standard shower, delivering water from both sides for a truly immersive experience.

Sharing The Boona Tandem Shower

Gone are the days of one person hogging the hot water while the other shivers in the cold. With The Boona Tandem Shower’s easy installation process, there’s no need for contractors or renovations. Renters and homeowners alike can enjoy a luxurious shower upgrade at an affordable price.

Skaloud and Feiereisen see showering together as more than just a mundane task – it’s an opportunity to nurture and strengthen relationships. By eliminating distractions and allowing couples to focus on each other, the Tandem Shower fosters a deeper connection.

Water Usage

But it’s not just about comfort – the Tandem Shower is designed for efficiency and sustainability too. Using an insulated hose to ensure consistent water temperature and custom-engineered showerheads for optimal water pressure, Boona has created a showering experience that is both enjoyable and eco-friendly.

In fact, The Boona Tandem Shower uses less water than two separate showers, saving both time and money. With its flexible hose and custom-designed valve, installation is a breeze – no plumbers or contractors required.

Launching Boona

For Skaloud and Feiereisen, Boona is the culmination of years of expertise and innovation. As engineers who have developed numerous products from conception to launch, they understand the importance of quality and functionality.

So whether you’re looking to enhance your shower experience or strengthen your relationship, the Boona Tandem Shower is the perfect solution. Upgrade your shower today and discover the joy of showering together like never before.

My Take on The Boona Tandem Shower

My wife and I each have our own bathroom and showers/tubs. We have showered together in the past, but it was a tad crowded. Whether using the Boona Tandem Shower would fix that remains to be seen. I probably won’t order one as I probably won’t be showering with my wife. She likes the water too hot and she takes 20 minutes to take a shower. I’m in and out in 3 minutes. I wish the guys well.

Do Sharks Shower?

This is a neat invention and it might interest a Shark or two. I expect a royalty offer from Kevin as they likely have good margins. As for the other Sharks, any one of them could make an offer if the ask is reasonable.

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