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Chefee Robotics

chefee robotics

In the fall of 2020, a simple thought sparked a revolutionary journey for Assaf Pashut, the founder of Chefee Robotics. As he gazed upon his kitchen, the idea of having his grandmother’s cherished recipes prepared with a mere command ignited his imagination. The dream of savoring her renowned Thai curry at any moment became a driving force for Assaf, an impassioned food enthusiast, to embark on a mission that would redefine home cooking.

Fast forward three years of relentless research and development, and Chefee Robotics has emerged as a beacon of innovation in the culinary world. Assaf and his dedicated team have brought to life a fully functional, patent-pending machine that seamlessly integrates into modern kitchens. This remarkable creation not only handles grocery orders but also cooks an extensive array of dishes from scratch, all at the command of its user.

From Flying Falafel to Chefee Robotics

For those familiar with Assaf, he’s not just the brains behind Chefee Robotics; he’s also the visionary behind The Flying Falafel, a quirky culinary venture that captured hearts across Silicon Valley by flinging falafel balls into eager mouths. However, the pandemic brought unforeseen challenges, forcing the closure of restaurants. Yet, from the ashes of The Flying Falafel emerged Chefee Robotics, driven by the same passion for innovation and a commitment to revolutionize the culinary landscape.

The journey wasn’t without its hurdles. After 14 years of faithful service, their loyal catering truck met an untimely end in a rear-end collision. However, adversity birthed opportunity, paving the way for Chefee Robotics to rise and shine. With a clear vision in mind and a mission to alleviate the burdens plaguing restaurant owners globally, Assaf set out to tackle the high payroll costs and staggering food waste prevalent in the industry.

Kinda Like The Jetsons

Through cutting-edge automation, Chefee Robotics not only slashes operational costs for restaurants but also significantly reduces food wastage. Their proprietary design boasts electric, ventless, and plumbing-free features, setting them apart as the only autonomous kitchen solution that’s both hygienic and cost-effective.

Picture a world where restaurant staff engage warmly with patrons, freed from the drudgery of laborious kitchen tasks. Imagine surplus food automatically packaged and donated to those in need, fostering a community-driven approach to dining. This is the vision that drives Chefee Robotics—a vision of a future where technology enhances the culinary experience while promoting sustainability and social responsibility.

Shark Tank!

Excitingly, Chefee Robotics is set to make its national debut on Shark Tank on March 8th, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of home cooking. As they prepare to showcase their groundbreaking innovation to the world, the future of culinary automation is poised to transform the way we approach food preparation and consumption.

Chefee Robotics represents not just a company but a culinary revolution—a testament to the power of innovation and the boundless potential of technology to shape a better world, one meal at a time. So, mark your calendars and join us as we embark on this journey to redefine home cooking for generations to come. The future of food is here, and it’s deliciously automated with Chefee Robotics.

My Take on Chefee Robotics

This company is in the “pre-seed” stage. This means investors give startups money to develop products in exchange for equity. The robotic kitchen is not for sale yet – they’re still developing it. Pashut is hiring too. He’s raised at least a half a million dollars and he’s hiring robotic engineers. Supposedly, the final product will be able to be retrofitted into existing kitchens. It’ll even order the food for you!

For 26 years I cooked for a family of 7 and I go out to dinner 3-4 times a week now because I’m sick of cooking all the time. I would LOVE to have a robotic kitchen! I can’t imagine it’s going to be inexpensive, but when it finally becomes available, I am going to check it out.

Are Sharks Chefs?

We know Kevin is “Chef Wonderful” and I don’t think he’ll react positively to this idea. He’ll think there’s no “soul” in the meals prepared by Chefee. Since this company is pre seed, I can’t imagine the Sharks making offers Pashut will accept; they’ll want too much equity and I don’t think he’ll want to part with it.

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