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Chocolate Candles by Let Them Eat Candles

chocolate candles

Let Them Eat Candles chocolate candles creator Loree Sandler knows when it comes to celebrating milestones, nothing quite sets the ambiance like candles. But what if those candles weren’t just for decoration? What if they were actually a delectable treat? Enter Let Them Eat Candles (LTEC), the brainchild of founder Loree Sandler, a company that is transforming the way we celebrate with their innovative edible candle creations.

LTEC burst onto the scene with their original chocolate candles, quickly becoming a sensation among those looking to add a unique and delicious twist to their celebrations. With over a million-and-a-half chocolate candles sold to date, it’s safe to say that Sandler and her team have struck a chord with consumers looking for something extraordinary to mark their special occasions.

Building on this success, LTEC is now expanding their catalogue with a groundbreaking new product launch at the last Winter Fancy Food Show. The latest addition to their lineup? Balloon-shaped candles featuring numbers 0 – 9, along with messages that transcend age or event specificity.

Creating Chocolate Candles

Bob Michelson, LTEC’s Managing Director and Sandler’s partner (and dad), shared insights into the creative process behind this new venture. Trained as an architect with a keen eye for detail, Loree recognized the potential to reimagine traditional birthday candles. Drawing inspiration from her culinary pursuits, including training at Chicago’s French Pastry School and the Chocolate Academy, she meticulously crafted prototypes, engaged consultants, and fine-tuned every aspect of the product, from wicks to packaging.

The journey from concept to market was not without its challenges, but Sandler and Michelson’s perseverance paid off. LTEC’s candles captured the attention of bakeries nationwide and received accolades from prestigious platforms like Martha Stewart’s American Made contest and

Creating Excellence

Behind the scenes, the LTEC team worked tirelessly to refine their manufacturing processes, ensuring that their chocolate candles met the highest standards of quality and consistency. By partnering with top-notch manufacturers and embracing innovative technology, LTEC was able to scale their operation while maintaining the integrity of their product.

Today, Let Them Eat Candles can be found in hundreds of stores across the country, delighting customers with their irresistible offerings. And with more exciting products in the pipeline, the future looks brighter than ever for this innovative company.

At the heart of LTEC’s success is a commitment to creativity, quality, and above all, a passion for making every celebration truly memorable. As Sandler reflects on the journey that brought LTEC to where it is today, she remains grateful for the opportunity to bring joy to countless celebrations.

So the next time you’re planning a birthday party, anniversary, or any special event, why settle for ordinary candles when you can indulge in the extraordinary? With Let Them Eat Candles, every moment becomes a deliciously unforgettable experience.

My Take on Chocolate Candles

This is a “why didn’t I think of this” type of product. I always lick the frosting off the candles, why not eat them too. I know my kids would’ve loved chocolate candles on their birthday cakes when they were growing up (they probably would now too). I will definitely get some of these for my next birthday celebration.

Do Sharks Like Chocolate?

This company has sales, is growing and has a unique product. This could result in a bidding war. Lori will like it as it appeals to everyone. Kevin will like it because of his “Something Wonderful” platform. Barbara will like it because it’s chocolate. So will Mark and Robert. I expect multiple offers on this one.

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