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The VSeat: Revolutionizing Cycling Comfort

the vseatIn the realm of cycling, the thrill of the open road or trail often comes hand in hand with a discomfort that’s all too familiar. For Ani Armstrong and Bryan Visintin, founders of The VSeat, this discomfort sparked a journey towards revolutionizing the cycling experience.

Ani’s story is one that many cyclists can relate to. Settled near the California coast, she envisioned idyllic rides along sun-kissed beach paths. However, her dream quickly turned into a nightmare of pain and discomfort after just a couple of rides. Bryan, her trainer and advocate for cycling’s health benefits, faced a dilemma: how to encourage cycling when discomfort overshadowed its perks?

The Making of The VSeat

Their exploration uncovered a widespread issue: traditional bike saddles causing not just temporary discomfort, but potentially severe health issues. Determined to find a solution, they embarked on a mission to create a seat that prioritized comfort and health benefits.

After extensive research, patenting, and testing, The VSeat was born. This innovative saddle boasts a noseless design, eliminating the protruding element that often causes discomfort. Instead of placing pressure on sensitive areas, the VSeat redistributes weight to the more supportive sit bones, resulting in a pain-free and ergonomic riding experience.

The key lies in its wide and flat structure, a departure from the typical narrow and pointed seat design. Built on a composite base with a plush layer on top, The VSeat ensures both support and comfort throughout the ride.

Beyond Bicycling

Priced at $120, The VSeat offers a promising solution for cyclists seeking a more enjoyable and sustainable riding experience. Moreover, its potential extends beyond recreational cycling; with Bryan’s background as a fitness coach, The VSeat could enhance spin classes and gym cycling rigs, further promoting its benefits to a wider audience.

Backed by endorsements from doctors and riders alike, The VSeat stands at the forefront of a movement to redefine cycling comfort. While they may not be the only innovators in this space, their dedication to improving the cycling experience sets a high standard for future designs.

As cycling enthusiasts, we owe it to ourselves to prioritize comfort and health on the road. With solutions like The VSeat paving the way, we can look forward to safer, more enjoyable rides ahead. So, let’s pedal on, embracing the evolution of cycling technology, and remember: ride safe, and always wear a helmet.

My Take on The VSeat

Why didn’t someone invent this years ago? As an avid bicylist, I feel Ani’s pain. Bike seats have always been uncomfortable, except for when I had a banana seat in the 1970’s. They are particularly incompatible with male anatomy, hence the lack of a point on the seat. I want one!

Can Sharks Ride a Bike?

Both Barbara and Mark teamed up to invest $500,000 for 42% of custom bike maker Villy Custom way back in season 3. Mark also invested $500,000 for 15% of Guardian Bikes in season 8. This makes me think either Mark or Barbara (or both) could make an offer. There is some synergy with their other investments that would be mutually beneficial.

As for the other three Sharks, I could see offers from them too. Kevin will make a royalty offer. Robert is outdoorsy so I’m sure he likes biking. Lori could see it as a QVC product. Perhaps there will be a Shark fight on this one.

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