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Pure Ayre

pure ayre

James Mitchell stands outside before episode 203, showing off his Pure Ayre product to an interviewer. The shock comes when he sprays the product into his own mouth. Mitchell claims that Pure Ayre is not only environmentally friendly, it’s completely non-toxic. The secret formula breaks down the molecules that produce offensive odors, leaving behind no scent at all, unlike perfumed air fresheners. It’s safe enough to use on skin, and even as a breath freshener. He’s confident that Barbara Corcoran, in particular, will be impressed.

Will the Sharks take a nibble at Mitchell’s business, or will they smell something bad and swim away?

Pure Ayre Shark Tank Recap

Mitchell comes to the Shark Tank seeking $150,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in Pure Ayre. He presents his product as the “only safe and natural” product on the market today. True to his plan, he demonstrates the product for Corcoran, repeating his trick of using the spray as a breath freshener.

The Sharks want to know about a patent, but Mitchell doesn’t own a patent. He fears that, by patenting the product, he would open the door to imitators. The lack of a patent is a challenge to overcome when enticing the Sharks to invest in a product. Mitchell regains ground, however, with the news that he’s sold over $3 million worth of product since inception.

Mitchell loses traction again when he reveals that Pure Ayre was removed from Walgreen’s shelves. Kevin O’Leary wants to know; “You got kicked out of a major retailer. How are we going to get back in?”

Mitchell is floundering. The roller coaster of successes and failures his company has been riding is making the Sharks nervous.

Barbara Corcoran has heard enough. She’s out. Kevin Harrington doesn’t think Mitchell knows what he’s doing. He’s out. Two Sharks are out, and only three remain.

Daymond John makes an offer. He’s willing to give Mitchell the money, but he wants 50%. Kevin O’Leary makes a counter offer. He’s willing to buy the entire company, leaving Mitchell with a 7% royalty for life on the product.

Robert Herjavec wants to know if Mitchell is willing to sell the entire company, before he’d make an offer. When Mitchell waffles, Herjavec says he’s out.

Mitchell decides to call his wife before making a decision. While Mitchell makes his call, Kevin O’Leary and Daymond John partner to make a new offer. They want to buy the company for $150,000, and give him a lifetime 7% royalty, but Mitchell won’t have any part in his own company. Herjavec offers an additional $75,000 to join the deal, but Mitchell refuses the deal. He leaves the Shark Tank without an investment.

Pure Ayre Shark Tank Update

In spite of his spectacular failure in the Shark Tank, Mitchell appears to have continued growing his business. In February 2015, he had a booth at the Seattle Kennel Club Show, and the product is available through online and retail distributors. Mitchell might not have the business sense to swim with the Sharks, but his product, it seems, has the effectiveness to stay the course, making him a success in spite of himself. It seems that an excellent product really is the key to business success.

The company is still up and running in January, 2023, earning a whopping $5 million in annual revenue.

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