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Pure Ayre James Mitchell Needs To Clear Air

Pure Ayre James MitchellPure Ayre James Mitchell got his butt kicked by the sharks last night and didn’t really know what hit him. He’s a guy that has a passion for his product, but doesn’t know how to take it to the next level. Should he have taken the deal for $225,000 plus a 7% royalty?

If you take a look at the James Mitchell presentations in other videos, you will see James performing well. James is a nice guy but he doesn’t have what it takes to negotiate with big time investors and powerful corporate brokers.

He acted surprised by many of the questions, and the show made him look incompetent at negotiations. James should have defended his place, but he’s remained silent.  Pure Ayre looks like a great product, built a nice little company but he isn’t ready to defend his ability to grow the company.

Kevin O’Leary offered Pure Ayre James Mitchell $225,000 plus 7% royalties for the company which was a great opportunity for him and his investors, but he had too much emotion and didn’t understand how that deal would work for him. That and thin skin caused him to walk away.

If someone explained to James, how the deal would be good for everyone, my bet is that he would have taken the deal. I just don’t think his decision was about him personally.

The sharks reacted based on a lousy presentation by Pure Ayre James Mitchell. They formed their opinions quickly, like most investors do. I’m thinking if James would have taken the deal, they would have fired him immediately, but after they dug in, they likely would have brought him back into the company.

Pure Ayre James Mitchell Videos

If you watch his Pure Ayre videos, he does a great presentation with his customers, but the sharks didn’t see that and James should have used those videos in the pitch.  James Mitchell made another blunder having people watch the video with him. They got to see him get ripped apart and then try to explain his actions. I’m sure that people felt sorry for him, but you need business strength.

Pure Ayre’s James Mitchell showed weakness during his presentation and continues to show his lack of talent by not defending himself on his blog, website or anywhere else for that matter. The company could have benefited much if he would have spoken out, instead he cowered.

Pure Ayre needs someone else running the company as James Mitchell has reached his potential. Too bad he won’t let go.


  1. Patricia Barrientos says

    My formal education is Business Management and enjoyed watching you show, at first. Then I watched you wealthy man debate on taking advantage of would be entrepreneurs and inventers. I would come on your program only if I invented a ‘Rat Detector’ set to destroy rats on sight!
    James Mitchel did not make a mistake by walking away. I’d say I would too but I don’t like you rich greedy blah blahs. If he has an ego problem, I pray he comes to terms with it and gets the right education, gets surrounded by the right people to get er done! It is a good product!

  2. I beyond agree^^^ He truly believed in his product and wanted to be apart of it for the long haul. It wasn’t a mistake by walking away from the deal and not succumbing to the low ball of $225,000 for his idea. They really attacked him compared to most people on the show although he could of explained the issue a bit more, also telling them that he would of taken Daymonds offer if they hadn’t switched it up on him right after he got back from being on the phone!

  3. Wayne Anderson says

    His presentation was painful to watch. He spent a lot of time with his mouth hanging open, dazed rabbit-in-the-headlights look on his eyes, unable to give the sharks even obvious answers. When he mentioned his “star power”, I laughed out loud – like Robert Herjavec said, “You have no star power!” He seems comfortable reciting his script, but once the questions start flying, he’s lost.

    He should have taken the offer. The sharks could have pushed a good product – one he didn’t develop – to success, and his 7% royalty would have made him rich. Instead, his ego shot him in the foot. He may have a great product, but I have no confidence in his company.

    • James did the right thing to walk away from the sharks. Yes he stumbled in being firm with answers yet it is a blessing in discise because the sharks are all about the money and James seems like he cares about people and their well being.

      No matter what, God Bless you, you will prosper and keep your head high because you will make it in the long run.

  4. Im glad he walked away… i was yelling at the screen.. WALK! WALK!
    I also understand the Sharks reasoning.. but i have watch them give money to bad ideas to which i know there will never be a follow-up. This was a situation where they are only concerned with the licensing. I would have offered 100k for 25% and 5% royalty contingent on a patent and licensing deal after 2 or 3 years. That would give the product time to make a name for itself, sell and give him some satisfaction of seeing his product grow before selling out. Anyone of them could have defended the product against another big brand forcing them out of a store. They lost out on a great product… who cares about him as a salesman… go hire a good mouthpiece… that’s the easy part when you have a product that will sell itself. I have pets.. i’ve been using the product for a while before i even saw the sharktank episode. This stuff rules! There is nothing .. and believe me i have tried it all.. Fabreeze, lysol… whatever.

  5. I watched Shark Tank 12-17-2014 but it must have been a re-run. Some claims were wrong because I have been using a product known as BON – BioWorld Odor Neutralizer – that instantly eliminates all the skunk odor right after spraying the BON on the skunk spray.

    Spraying into your mouth does not prove safety. There are acts in Vegas where fire breathers spray flammable liquid into their mouth.

    As far as BON being safe, the company emailed a photo of a baby girl placing her foot into a beaker of the concentrated product. I think they said the baby was the daughter of a past staff for the company but no loving mom would have their baby make contact with a product unless it was totally safe for her.

    The site where I order is and have used the product for many, many odor issues including laundry. I have used cheaper products but the BON ends up costing less because of the concentration and small amount required to clear the odor completely.

  6. The guy’s an egocentric weirdo. Taking Kevin’s 7% (for life) would be the smart thing to do. Now his business has gone down the sewer, and he’s still in denial — how un-American!!!

  7. Just look at that Cliff Huxtable sweater! In 2011? On a guy under 50?!? What further proof do you need that the guy has no clue?

  8. Brenda Norman says

    After watching an obvious rerun of this program, I came to the conclusion that this guy must have Aspergers. He can’t think on his feet. That’s what happens to Aspies, and if you suddenly change things on them, they will behave like deer in the headlights. It was painful to watch. So, the guy doesn’t know how to market his product to sharks. That doesn’t mean he should be disrespected. It also doesn’t mean they should try to steal his business either!

  9. I think it’s a way to create more offers when there wouldn’t be one otherwise.

  10. Richard Hynds says

    He Sprayed Ammonia on a Rag and then neutralized it with a mixture of mainly Baking soda and water! This explains how he can spray it in his mouth. I have seen this done many times!!
    The product is NOT unique!! There is basically the same product out there now call Bio- Zapp.

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