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rolodocDrs. Albert Amini and Richard Amini introduce their “social media app for physicians” in Shark Tank episode 505, the season 5 premier. The RoloDoc website says they are creating a directory of physicians for patients to help foster an exchange of ideas. The app sounds kind of like Facebook for doctors. The two Arizona-based brothers and doctors created the app to make communicating with doctors “more enjoyable and effective.” There isn’t much information on this business. Even their company  FAQ page is blank. They only joined Facebook a week before their appearance.

RoloDoc Shark Tank Recap

The Amini brothers had Mark Cuban, Lori Grenier, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, and Robert Herjavec completely confused. They described RoloDoc as kind of a Linked In for doctors and patients. Patients could choose their doctors on the site and securely send their medical records.

“What we’re trying to do is bring social media and the social network to the medical profession,” said Albert Amini.

From that point on, the two doctors were Shark bait. They never said how they’d use social media nor did they explain how they’d get doctors to join. As for the concept of loading medical records onto the site, they never convinced the Sharks that RoloDoc was secure and respected patient confidentiality. There was also no way to verify if the doctors who joined were actually doctors.

One by one, the Sharks went out. Mark Cuban actually got up on the carpet and told the doctors face to face, “That was the worst pitch EVER!”

Kevin O’Leary commented, “Protein is never wasted when a death occurs … I don’t mind sacrificing a couple doctors if it means the next couple doctors can make me money.”

RoloDoc Shark Tank Update

RoloDoc remains, according to Shark Mark Cuban, “the worst pitch in Shark Tank history.” The two doctors were unable to take their idea out of the planning stages and show the Sharks how it could create value for the users, and, more importantly in the Tank, profit for the investors.

Without a Shark deal, the Amini brothers soon abandoned their RoloDoc plan and went back to pursuing careers in their chosen fields of medicine. Some opportunities are better than others. The Sharks saw this idea for a new social media platform as dead on arrival and even a pair of doctors couldn’t revive their interest.

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  1. gaby rodrz says

    The brothers continue working in the medical field. Rolodoc never launched

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