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Dogue Restaurant: A Culinary Journey for Dogs

dogue restaurant

The story of the Dogue restaurant, a visionary venture founded by the dynamic husband and wife team, Rahmi Massarweh and Alejandra Vasquez, is a tale of love, dedication, and a profound understanding of nature’s bounty.

“It all started with an idea, the planting of a seed that grew into something much greater than we ever expected,” reflects Rahmi, a seasoned chef trained in Classical French Cuisine in the heart of San Francisco nearly two decades ago. His journey through professional kitchens, alongside culinary artisans, honed not just his skills but also his appreciation for the seasons, both in the kitchen and in life.

The Dogue Restaurant: Inspiration

Joined by his wife Alejandra, the couple’s shared love for animals, particularly dogs, ignited the spark for what would become the Dogue restaurant. Their journey began with the arrival of Grizzly, a 30-pound Old English Mastiff, into their lives. Determined to provide him with the happiest, healthiest life possible, they embarked on a quest to revolutionize canine nutrition.

“We knew we wanted him to be the happiest dog, with the healthiest food, and the best life we could give him,” says Alejandra. Dissatisfied with commercial pet food options, Rahmi, drawing upon his culinary expertise, delved into the world of fresh, seasonal, and whole foods for Grizzly.

Fresh Food

The philosophy behind Dogue is elegantly simple yet profoundly impactful: to feed dogs with fresh, seasonal ingredients, reminiscent of their natural diet. Rahmi’s culinary craftsmanship transforms pasture-raised meats, organic vegetables, and wild-caught treasures into nutrient-dense meals, tailored to meet the biological needs of dogs.

“Each species in nature has a biologically appropriate set of foods that they are meant to eat,” explains Rahmi. “To honor the species, we need to feed food fit for an opportunistic carnivore, based on seasons, quality, and what dogs would naturally hunt for in the wild.”


Grizzly, the inspiration behind the Dogue restaurant, became the catalyst for change, not just in their lives but also in the lives of countless dogs. Since 2015, Rahmi and Alejandra have been handcrafting small-batch, artisanal food, offering a culinary journey that transcends the ordinary.

“Dogue translates to Mastiff in French, a homage to my roots in classical French cuisine and our first Mastiff, Grizzly,” Rahmi shares. “Dogue is our mission to change the lives of as many dogs as we can, one meal at a time.”

With a blend of culinary artistry, love for animals, and a commitment to holistic nutrition, Dogue, which is pronounced like “Vogue,” stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of canine cuisine. Rahmi Massarweh and Alejandra Vasquez have not only created a restaurant but a legacy—a testament to the transformative power of a simple idea nurtured with boundless passion.

My Take on the Dogue Restaurant

I have, as regular readers know, a 70 pound American Bulldog named Zoey. We spoil her rotten – she’s a very happy dog. She eats kibble. The kibble she eats is grain free and made from salmon, sweet potato, garbanzo beans and peas. We supplement that with Fresh Pet dog food and raw meat. Every day she gets a glucosamine chew, some dried cow liver and a raw beef bone too. Yep, she’s spoiled.

As much as I love my dog and the mission of the Dogue restaurant, I wouldn’t drop $75 for a meal for her. The business does offer some $10 meals I’d consider purchasing online, but they are currently not shipping product. This is probably why they’re in the Tank, for help with shipping. When they can ship, I’d try some of their items because, after all, Zoey is spoiled!

Do Sharks Eat Dog Food?

I’m guessing Dogue doesn’t get a deal. Their website just doesn’t scream “I got a deal with a Shark!” Their online store redirects to a Squarespace store – no Shark would allow one of their entrpreneurs to use anything but Shopify. I also think the Sharks will think some of their offerings are overpriced. I predict there will be no offers.

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