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Cup a Bug: The Ultimate Bug-Catching Companion

cup a bug

Do you find yourself startled by the sight of a bug scurrying across your floor? Or perhaps you’re a bug lover who wants to safely relocate these critters outside? Look no further – Cup a Bug is here to make bug-catching a breeze.

Created by the ingenious mind of Justin Huang, Cup a Bug is the perfect solution for humane bug removal. With a simple yet effective design, this tool allows you to catch bugs effortlessly and release them back into the wild where they belong.

The concept behind Cup a Bug is straightforward: just place the cup over the bug, pull the lid closed, and voila! You’ve safely captured the insect without causing any harm. The long handle provides the added benefit of reaching bugs from a safe distance, whether they’re on walls, ceilings, or floors.

Cup a Bug: Ispired by Fear

But what inspired Justin to create such a remarkable tool? Surprisingly, it was his own fear of bugs that drove him to develop Cup-a-Bug. As he explains, “I’m terrified of bugs, so I originally designed this tool for myself.” However, he soon realized that there was a broader market for such a product, leading him to refine the design to appeal to a wider audience.

Justin’s background as an engineer and entrepreneur played a significant role in the creation of Cup a Bug. Having previously designed and sold products online, he understood the importance of providing innovative solutions that are accessible to everyone. This ethos is reflected in Cup-a-Bug, which aims to help people manage their bug encounters in a humane and affordable way.

Treat Bugs Right

Beyond being just a product, Cup-a-Bug embodies a deeper philosophy of respecting all creatures, no matter how small. Justin emphasizes, “It’s really about treating bugs as animals who deserve our respect.” This sentiment is evident in the company’s social media efforts, which aim to connect with like-minded individuals who share a similar outlook.

When it comes to promoting Cup a Bug, Justin utilizes a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. While he admits to still figuring out the best approach, he remains committed to engaging with customers and spreading awareness about his innovative product.

The journey from bug fearer to bug catcher wasn’t easy for Justin. Like many of us, he initially resorted to the “flight response” when confronted with bugs as a child. However, as he matured, he realized that true maturity is about doing the right thing – even if it means facing your fears head-on.


And thus, Cup a Bug was born out of a desire to confront those fears in a humane and compassionate manner. With its mechanical stick and innovative design, this genius gadget allows users to capture bugs without squishing or harming them. Instead, bugs can be safely transported outside and released back into their natural habitat.

So, the next time you encounter an unwelcome guest in your home, don’t panic. Reach for Cup-a-Bug, and let this handy tool do the heavy lifting for you. After all, with a little compassion and ingenuity, we can all learn to coexist peacefully with the creatures that share our world.

My Take on Cup a Bug

I guess I’m not as humane as Justin. I’m not particularly afraid of bugs or spiders (except wasps because I’m allergic), but I don’t like them. If a bug is somewhare in my home where I don’t want it to be, it gets the rolled up magazine treatment. I do know people who are deathly afraid of spiders who’d love this though. People who are into Entomology would probably like this too. It’s not for me, but I wish Justin well.

Do Sharks go Buggy and Make a Deal?

Justin will likely get some offers. Daymond will probably like the idea as he’s into beekeeping and would’nt want to harm an errant bee in his house. Whether that translates into an offer remains to be seen. I think mark will call it a “product, not a company.” Robert will likely pass too.

That leaves Mr. Wonderful and Lori. Lori will like it for its mass appeal, demonstrability and low price. She should make an offer. If the margins are good, I expect Kevin to offer a royalty deal.

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