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HYPD: A Custom Footwear Revolution


In the realm of fashion, where trends often overshadow ethics, HYPD emerges as a beacon of conscious style. Co-founded by Marc Herzberger and Cheng Kue, HYPD isn’t merely a footwear company; it’s a movement on a mission to redefine fashion with a conscience.

At HYPD, the ethos is clear: making a statement without compromising the planet. Dive into their collection of custom slides, meticulously crafted with sustainability at the core. Each step you take with HYPD becomes a testament to fashion that cares.

The HYPD Mission

Joining HYPD isn’t just about buying shoes; it’s embarking on a journey where every step counts. Their patented construction ensures minimal waste during manufacturing, while all products proudly boast being 100% vegan-friendly. Sustainability isn’t an afterthought here; it’s seamlessly integrated into the very fabric of HYPD’s ethos.

The allure of HYPD’s custom slides lies not only in their commitment to sustainability but also in their celebration of individuality. Crafted with precision, these slides are more than footwear; they’re a canvas for your unique style journey. From vibrant hues to personalized details, each pair reflects your personality and values.

Customize It

At HYPD, customization knows no bounds. With their Slydr Custom Program, you’re invited to design your personalized strap, whether it’s for your company, sports team, or even your dog’s birthday party. Forget buying off-the-shelf; HYPD empowers you to create slides that truly resonate with you.

But style isn’t the only focus; responsibility is equally paramount. HYPD envisions a world where fashion is a vehicle for self-expression, and sustainability is ingrained in every creation. They empower individuals to embrace their uniqueness through personalized designs while championing sustainable practices every step of the way.

HYPD isn’t just a brand; it’s a commitment to a future where style and eco-consciousness coexist harmoniously. Through their dedication to sustainability and personalized style, they prove that fashion can be both personal and sustainable. So, walk with purpose, knowing that every step in your HYPD slides leaves a positive impact on the planet.

My Take on HYPD

I wear Kenkoh flip flops and sliders exclusively. They have an arch and massage nodules which ease my foot and knee pain. Discovering Kenkoh changed my life. I’ll never wear anything  else. That doesn’t mean I don’t think HYPD Slides are cool – they are. You can create your own or purchase NCAA licensed slides. I wish they had soles like Kenkohs, then I’d buy them.

Do Sharks Believe the Hype?

I don’t think these guys are going to get a deal here. Back in season 8, Mark, Kevin, Barbara and  Lori passed on iSlide, a custom slide business. While the company went on to huge success, it didn’t interest the Sharks. Like HYPD, iSlide has NCAA licensed slides; they also have NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR and a slew of other licensed slides.

Lori’s objection to iSlide was “anyone could do the same thing.” 7 years later, in season 15, HYPD has. Rubin sells iSlides on Fanatics, so he’ll have a conflict. The other Sharks already passed on a similar business, so they’ll be out.

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