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Introducing The K-3 Shooting Band

the k-3 shooting bandIn the quest for basketball excellence, precision in one’s jumpshot is paramount. Recognizing this, Nicky Young, a former professional basketball player, introduced the K-3 Shooting Band in 2009. This innovative tool was born out of a desire to assist players in refining their shooting abilities and mastering the art of the jumpshot.

She grew up playing basketball with her dad who played a half a season in the NBA with the Knicks. Her dad could always out shoot her, so she was always focussed on improving her shooting. She says basketball is in her DNA and she played from a young age all the way through college. After graduating from Farmingdale State College, Nicky played professionally in Ireland and once tried out for the Chicago Sky in the WNBA.

The Conception of the K-3 Shooting Band

Nicky Young’s transition from a pro player to an inventor was fueled by her passion for the game and her commitment to helping others improve. The K-3 Shooting Band emerged as a result of this dedication, offering a unique approach to training. It’s not just any training device; it’s a carefully crafted resistance band that specifically targets the pointer and middle finger during the shooting process.

How It Works

The K-3 Shooting Band is available for both adults and kids, and it’s praised by users for its effectiveness in improving their shooting drills. It’s considered a valuable tool for basketball players looking to enhance their shooting performance.

Using the K-3 Shooting Band is quite straightforward. Position the Band around your pointer and middle finger. These are the fingers that are crucial for giving the basketball its rotation during a shot. With the band in place, practice shooting the basketball. The resistance from the band will force your muscles to work harder, which can help in developing muscle memory for proper shooting form. Make sure to maintain proper shooting form. The band will enhance your shooting rotation and encourage the use of your pointer and middle finger, which are essential for accurate shooting.

Be Consistent

Use the band during your regular shooting drills. The consistent use during your regular shooting drills will help increase your shooting range and improve the rotation on your jump shot. After practicing with the band, remove it and shoot some baskets. You should feel an improvement in your shooting technique and an easier release due to the muscle memory developed.

Remember, the key to success with the K-3 Shooting Band is consistency. Regular practice with the band will help you see significant improvements in your shooting performance. Happy shooting!

My Take on The K-3 Shooting Band

This seems like an effective tool. I never played much basketball, other than hacking around in the driveway playing “Horse” or “Twenty one.” I played hockey and baseball as a kid. Nicky is definitely on to something though. The product is in Dick’s Sporting Goods where they sell the basketball stuff, so she should get some traction after appearing in the Tank.

Do Sharks Like This Band?

The obvious Sharks for this product are the sporty Sharks Cuban and Rubin, but will they go for it? It’s way too niche for Lori so I think she’ll go out. Watch for a royalty offer from Kevin. Barbara  could make an offer if she likes Nicky, but Cuban and Rubin are the Sharks to watch. I expect offers from both.

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