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Pop Light: Revolutionizing Wall Lighting

pop light
Caroline Matthes and Rose Fierman, the dynamic duo behind Pop Light, embarked on a mission to transform the way we think about wall lighting. Their journey began when they moved into their first home together and sought gorgeous, modern wall lighting that would enhance their space without breaking the bank. Traditional wall sconces, however, presented a myriad of challenges that led them to question why these were the only options available.

Traditional wall sconces are not only expensive, costing hundreds of dollars each, but they also entail the hassle of professional installation. Wiring lights involves punching holes in walls and dealing with electrical work, a process that could potentially break a lease and result in the loss of a security deposit. Additionally, once installed, traditional wall lighting becomes a permanent fixture, posing problems for those who move apartments or desire a change in design.

A Lightbulb Moment

This realization sparked a lightbulb moment for Matthes and Fierman, leading to the creation of Pop Light. Pop Light revolutionizes wall lighting by allowing anyone to install it in seconds, eliminating the need for costly and complicated professional installation. The universal base facilitates easy swapping of different designs, offering versatility and adaptability to changing preferences. When it’s time to move, Pop Light can be effortlessly removed from the wall and taken along to the new space.

The Pop Light Wall Light has quickly gained popularity on social media, and it’s easy to see why. Available in six colors, it not only offers aesthetic appeal but also addresses the concerns of landlords. The back plate conceals command tabs, leaving no marks behind, and a built-in level ensures perfect placement without the need for extra tools. The convenience extends to the rechargeable aspect of Pop Light via USB-C, allowing for flexibility in charging options.

Kickstarting Pop Light

For Matthes and Fierman, the journey was not without its challenges. The initial cost of starting the venture was a significant hurdle, prompting them to launch a Kickstarter campaign in March, 2023. The campaign’s success, with over $160,000 raised in preorders, not only provided the necessary funds for manufacturing but also built a supportive community around Poplight.

The Pop Light Wall Light is more than just a lighting fixture; it’s a testament to innovation and a solution to the common woes associated with home renovations. By offering an accessible, modern, and renter-friendly alternative, Caroline Matthes and Rose Fierman have truly illuminated a new path in the world of wall lighting. As Pop Light continues to light up lives, the future looks bright for this groundbreaking duo and their innovative creation.

My Take on Pop Light

This is a clever idea. Renters love these lights, buy I could see using one as a homeowner too. Rewiring for a wall fixture is a pain in the neck and involves more than just running a wire. There needs to be some carpentry involved too. For a guy like me who can do these things himself, it’s not expensive; for someone who has to hire someione to do it – that’s a different story.

Will the Sharks Light Up?

The lights are cute and affordable but there’s one problem: other than the design, it’s not a proprietary product. A brief search on Amazon reveals dozens of battery operated wall lights for sale. They don’t look like Pop Lights, but they do the same thing. The fact that this isn’t a proprietary product and that they haven’t shipped any products yet makes me think there is no deal with a Shark.

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