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Ta Ta Towel Keeps Your Ta Tas Dry

ta ta towelErin Robertson made her first Ta Ta Towel after agonizing about breast sweat during a date. That must have been some date. It seems her breasts are on the large side and, when it’s particularly hot, they get a lot of moisture where they hang down. So she brainstormed about how to solve the problem during this date. I would have loved to have been the guy who asked “what are you thinking” during that date!

She was thinking of a towel that would cover up and keep the “girls” from sagging while getting dressed or even while chilling around the house. As the Ta Ta Towel slogan says: “keep them high. keep them dry.” Essentially, this is just a terry cloth casual bra. It’s for the bathroom or the spa or lounging around the house. Ladies won’t be wearing these out – except maybe at WalMart.

Erin was smart enough to get a patent for her creation. Ta Ta Towels come in a variety of colors and patterns for $35-$45 each. She’s at the point where her business is doing well enough that it’s having some growing pains. She needs a Shark to help her through this phase of her business.

My Take on the Ta Ta Towel

I’m a big fan of woman’s breasts and anything that makes them more comfortable, I’m all for. My wife likes the idea but she wisely cautioned me on writing too much about this product, lest I step on my own tongue. I will politely say “I’m In.”

Will Sharks Like These Ta Tas?

This product isn’t something one of the male Sharks could possibly get involved with. This is a woman’s product, for women by women. So it’s a good thing the Sharkettes are here tonight. I think either one of them could bid on this, but it kind of has Lori written all over it.

Despite its functionality, there a kitschy element to this product that’s right up Lori’s alley. It’s one of those moderately priced, mass appeal, easily demonstrated products she’s made millions with. I think the Ta Ta Towel would kill it on QVC too. I’m looking for Lori to do a deal on this.

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  1. I have attempted many times to order Tata towels, but the website will not work. Laurie fix this. I want this product.

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