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Tomte Cake – A Wholesome Gingerbread Adventure for Families

tomte cakeThanks for joining us as we dive into the enchanting world of The Tomte Cake, a delightful do-it-yourself gingerbread house kit that comes complete with an original storybook. This magical creation is the brainchild of the talented Miranda Tompkins, an author, and illustrator who wanted to transform the traditional gingerbread house experience into something extraordinary.

The Inspiration

Miranda takes us back to Christmas of 2020, where a conversation with a friend about favorite holiday traditions sparked the idea for The Tomte Cake. While gingerbread house decorating held a special place in Miranda’s heart, she couldn’t ignore the drawbacks – taste, portion size, assembly challenges, and wasteful packaging. The solution? A gingerbread house baking pan paired with a charming kids’ story to breathe new life into the beloved activity.

The Birth of The Tomte Cake

As the idea blossomed, Miranda found herself in a hotel room two weeks later, with the concept for the story flooding her mind. Armed with only a unicorn coloring book and a purple crayon, Miranda jotted down the entire story in about an hour. The subsequent 2 years was dedicated to bringing her vision to life, navigating supply chain challenges and illustration hurdles.

The Experience

Miranda’s determination paid off, and The Tomte Cake was born. This DIY gingerbread house kit provides a fresh alternative to store-bought options. Forget about the frustration, mess, and unhealthy ingredients commonly associated with traditional kits. The Tomte Cake is baked hot and fresh, using real ingredients, ensuring a delightful experience for kids and parents alike.

Tomte Cake Set

The set is more than just a gingerbread house kit; it’s an immersive experience. Each set includes:

  1. ‘The Tomte Cake’ – Original Storybook: A whimsical tale of a clumsy little gnome in a sticky situation.
  2. Die Cast Aluminum Cake Baking Mold: Creates two charming gingerbread houses for your little ones to decorate.
  3. Die Cast Aluminum ‘Tomte’ Gnome Figurine: A delightful addition to the holiday decorations.
  4. Gingerbread Recipe Card: A delicious recipe to recreate the magic at home.

Create Memories, Not Waste

This holiday season, step away from the cycle of disposable toys and make lasting memories. Miranda’s hope is that this unique tradition becomes a source of joy and beautiful memories for every family it reaches. Say goodbye to the frustrations of store-bought gingerbread house kits and embrace the magic of The Tomte Cake. Miranda Tompkins’ dedication and creativity have given families a new and memorable way to celebrate the holiday season. Make this year special  – where joy, tradition, and deliciousness come together in a whimsical celebration of the festive spirit.

My Take on Tomte Cake

I love gingerbread at Christmas time. My sister in law bakes fresh gingerbread men every year and gives them as gifts. She painstakingly makes a homemade gingerbread house for my brother and his family. First she bakes a series of “panels” and then she assembles them into a house before frosting and decorating it. They usually share it at Christmas dinner. It’s very good, but she admits it’s a lot of work. Miranda’s kit bakes a solid gingerbread house you can decorate anyway you like.

As for store bought gingerbread house kits, I agree with Miranda. They taste like lightly ginger flavored cardboard. They’re really nasty. I got one as a Yankee Swap gift a few years ago and not only was it gaudy, it was practically inedible. The finished house found its way to the garbage can after only a few bites. I think Miranda’s idea is a much better gift/option than a pre-made kit and it’s a lot easier than my sister-in-law’s method. I’m in.

Do Sharks Like Gingerbread?

While I think this is a great product, I’m not sure what the Sharks will think. I don’t see Mark going for this, but any of the other Sharks could. Barbara seems like the kind of person who’d make gingerbread houses with her family, so she might bite. Kevin could find some synergy with his “something wonderful platform” and make a Sharky (perhaps royalty) offer. Daymond could see it as a licensing play. Lori is probably the best Shark for this product. UI could see her doing a baking demonstration on QVC and selling a bunch of them. I hope Miranda gets a deal – the question is with which Shark?

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