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Review of Bouqs 2023

review oThe good people at Bouqs recently reached out to me and asked if I’d do a review of Bouqs for 2023. My last review of Bouqs was back in 2015 and I reviewed them positively. Why wouldn’t I? Since that time, I’ve ordered flowers from Bouqs dozens of times. I order flowers at least seven times a year: on Mother’s Day for my mother, mother-in-law and wife, on the aforementioned’s birthdays and on Valentine’s Day for my wife. I sometimes send flowers for other occasions like graduations or anniversaries, but those seven times a year are set in stone and I ALWAYS order from Bouqs.

For those of you who don’t recall, Bouqs appeared in season 5, episode 526. They didn’t get a deal on air, but, after using Bouqs for his wedding flowers, Robert invested in the company. They ship their flowers directly from their farms, including one on the side of an Ecuadorian volcano! This means their flowers stay fresher longer than most store bought flowers. I find they usually last a couple of weeks. That means your flowers give you more “bang for the buck!”

Review of Bouqs: The Company

review of bouqsThe flowers come in a box, wrapped up for freshness. My recent flowers came with a vase too. They sell much more than flowers too. You can send houseplants like pointsettas or peace lillies, orchids, even small pines. The company does centerpieces based on the season and has wedding and business services. It’s truly a one stop shopping destination. If you live in Beverly Hills, Manhattan or Chicago, you can stop into their retail stores and shop the old fashioned way. If not, simply order online. It’s easy and Shark Tank Blog readers can save 15% on farm-fresh flowers and the first delivery of a new flower subscription from The Bouqs Co. with the promo code SHARKBOUQS.

The Flowers

review of bouqsThe roses they sent me to review were exquisite! There were 2 dozen and they came with a vase. I’ve had them more than two weeks and they’re as fresh as the day they arrived. My wife loves flowers and having them in the house. In the spring and summer, we cut flowers from our garden but in the cooler winter months, we have to buy flowers if we want some in the house. I’d like to thank the good people at Bouqs for their generous holiday gift of roses. If you want to order Bouqs for yourself or a friend, click HERE. You won’t be sorry.

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