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Review of Bouqs 2023

The good people at Bouqs recently reached out to me and asked if I’d do a review of Bouqs for 2023. My last review of Bouqs was back in 2015 and I reviewed them positively. Why wouldn’t I? Since that time, I’ve ordered flowers from Bouqs dozens of times. I order flowers at least seven […]

Phoozy Review

The good folks at Phoozy sent along some product for a Phoozy review. When I write about companies that appear on Shark Tank. I have to do a little research. When I heard Phoozy inventor Kevin Conway’s story about phones at the bottom of the lake he fishes in and phones melting in the sun, […]

XeroShoes TerraFlex Hiker Review

I just received a pair of TerraFlex running/hiking shoes from Xeroshoes. It’s their latest “model” and I couldn’t wait to take them for a test drive! They’re built on the same “natural movement platform as the Prio, but they have traction soles for more rugged terrain. The mesh uppers keep things cool and a thin […]

Xeroshoes Daylite Hiker Review

Steve Sashen sent me a new pair of Xeroshoes so I could do a Daylite Hiker review. The company aired in season four as Invisible Shoes and changed their name to Xeroshoes after their original air date.  Since then, they created many different versions of their original Huarache sandals. My personal favorite is the Amuri […]

Product Review: Ipari Prio by XeroShoes

Stephen Sashen is at it again: XeroShoes just came out with the Ipari Prio, their running/training SNEAKER that utilizes the XeroShoes mantra of “feel the world.” XeroShoes started as a little kit that let people create their own barefoot running sandals. They pitched the business in Shark Tank season four and, despite leaving without a […]

Ipari Hana by XeroShoes Review

The picture above is of my Amuri Z-Trek Sandals and my BRAND NEW Ipari Hana Shoes – both from XeroShoes. XeroShoes jumped in the Tank in season four (the company was called Invisible Shoes then) and left without a deal, but they’ve been cranking out innovative new footwear since. As I said back in season four, […]

Ice Age Meals Review

I was getting ready to go shopping when I was writing up my post on Ice Age Meals and I decided I’d order some and do an Ice Age Meals review. They came in just two days and I ordered 14 meals to get free shipping. I ordered Thai Meatball Curry, Butternut Squash Lasagna, Tri-Tip […]

Tower Sunglasses Review

Last week, I spoke with Tower’s Alex Resnick – the guy in charge of growing the Tower Sunglasses business as the first stage of growing the Tower brand. Tower wants to become a $100 million dollar company by creating “Tower Made,” a complete line of beach lifestyle products. The first line they are coming out with are Tower […]

Aqua Vault Review

When Aqua Vault was featured on Beyond the Tank, Avin, Rob, and Jonathan sent me a sample to do an Aqua Vault review. Aqua Vault scored a deal with Daymond in season six; he invested $75K for 25% of the business. In the Beyond the Tank segment, we saw the company grew from less than $100K […]

Susty Party Holiday Collection

Emily from Susty Party recently contacted me to see if I’d like some samples of their Susty Party Holiday collection for review. Not being the type to look a gift horse in the mouth, I said, “sure!” From the moment Jessica Holsy and the pixy-ish Emily Doubilet danced their way on to the Shark Tank set […]

WatchOff Review

One of the cool things about writing Shark Tank Blog is I get a lot of neat products to review, whether the company was on the show or not. This week, I’m taking a closer look at WatchOff. WatchOff is a watch designed for people who work. The model I received is called “The Worker,” […]

Litie Laces – Product Review

One of the cool things about writing the Shark Tank Blog is a lot of businesses send me samples for review – whether they’ve been on the show or not. I recently received a pair of Litie Laces in the mail for review; they’re lighted shoelaces! Basically, it’s a flexible, shoe-lace like, LED tube with […]

Xero Shoes Amuri Z-Trek Review

Steve Sashen never got a deal in the Shark Tank for Xeroshoes, his barefoot running sandals, but that was before he created the new Amuri Z-Tek sandal. The Sharks might have liked them a bit better. Steve sent me the original version of Xeroshoes a few years ago. I laced up the huarache style sandals […]

Magic Cook Review

Sharon Yu sent me some products to do a Magic Cook review. She did a deal with Daymond, who invested $100K for 33% of Magic Cook in episode 612 in season six. Magic Cook consists of a plastic vessel with a stainless steel insert. You put the food you want to cook in the insert, […]

Bouqs Review

I received a dozen roses for my wife today so I could do a Bouqs review for my readers. I sent my mom a bouquet from Bouqs for Mother’s Day and she LOVED her flowers (what mother doesn’t), but a dozen roses for my wife would be a firsthand test and allow me to do […]

Plated Review

When I saw Plated had a Shark Tank Special the night they originally aired, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to do a Plated Review. After all, it would give me an opportunity to get back to my “foodie blogger roots.” Plated is a service that sends chef designed meals directly to your […]