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Bouqs Review

I received a dozen roses for my wife today so I could do a Bouqs review for my readers. I sent my mom a bouquet from Bouqs for Mother’s Day and she LOVED her flowers (what mother doesn’t), but a dozen roses for my wife would be a firsthand test and allow me to do a Bouqs review without “filters.”
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Bouqs Review: Ordering

Ordering with Bouqs is easy. There are three sizes for each Bouq: Original for $40, Deluxe for $50, and Grand for $70. The various available Bouqs are easy to choose as there are pictures of exactly what they look like on their website. As John Tabis said on Shark Tank when he pitched in episode 526, “ordering flowers online sucks, we want to make it suck less.”

I would agree ordering from Bouqs does suck less than other online flower companies. There aren’t any hidden fees or charges and, other than the choice of different sizes, there are no confusing options or up-sells. Unless you want overnight delivery, you simply choose your delivery date and the flowers are cut to order and shipped.

Other flower sites have teaser pricing, but when you get down to ordering, a dozen roses is going to run about $60 on average. The Bouqs $40 price is a bargain compared to that!

Bouqs Review: The Flowers

Bouqs ReviewEasy ordering is one thing, good flowers are another. I chose the  Original size Hot Lava Bouquet – a dozen yellow and hot pink roses. They arrived via FedEx on the morning of the delivery date I chose in a snazzy black box.

bouqs review 2

The flowers were packed well and undamaged.

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Once I got them unpacked, I found a dozen beautiful roses! The hot pink and yellow roses were healthy and full. They came with the obligatory flower food, too. I snipped the stems, plunked them in  a vase, and waited for my wife.

Bouqs review 4

When she got home she was surprised and delighted!

bouqs review chantel


I got a big “thank you!” (That’s what we want, right guys?)

bouqs review thank you

Mission Accomplished! Thanks Bouqs! I will be ordering all my flowers from Bouqs from now on.
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  1. Did they last longer than regular florist roses?

  2. Miss Jene says

    1st experience with Bouqs Flowers. FANTASTIC !! Rec. from family for my Birthday. We will continue sending Surprise bouquets !!!

  3. Rob Alexander says

    I ordered some flowers to be delivered on Valentines day they agreed and gave me between 9am and 5pm for my wife at her office. I get a “They were delivered email at 6:24PM” My wifes office is closed then and doesn’t take deliveries so that wasn’t true. Then I ask for a full refund and they refund almost everything. So not only am I in hot water with the wife on Valentines day but I also have to pay them for not delivering flowers at all. No customer service phone number and if you look online anywhere you’ll see this company has horrible ratings don’t use them ever. You’re better off sending anything else from any other company that this one. Not only did I not get to surprise my wife but when she started texting me you know I have to work late tonight at an event I had no option or alternative at that point to get her anything.

  4. Bud Freeman says

    I ordered a deluxe mixed arrangement. FedEx didn’t deliver the Next Day, but instead 2 days later. The outer flowers were already dying. One end of the carton had been crushed allowing exposure to the air (heat). The company should use FOL (Full overlapping) boxes for extra strength. For what I paid, I was not impressed. I won’t order again. I spent $40 last week at my local florist – mush nicer arrangement. The vase I bought didn’t even hold all of the stems. Not a great experience.

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