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Magic Cook Review

the magic cookSharon Yu sent me some products to do a Magic Cook review. She did a deal with Daymond, who invested $100K for 33% of Magic Cook in episode 612 in season six.

Magic Cook consists of a plastic vessel with a stainless steel insert. You put the food you want to cook in the insert, put one of Magic Cook’s proprietary heat packets in the plastic vessel, add a little water,  put the stainless steel insert on top, then seal it all up with the special clamping cover. In 7-10 minutes, the meal is cooked. There’s also a travel coffee cup version that works the same way.

Magic Cook Review: Does it work?

I used a can of clam chowder in the lunchbox version and made tea in the coffee cup version. In 8 minutes, both were piping hot! Check out the video to see how well it works!

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We live near Boston and experience power outages frequently when there is heavy snow. We’ve even lost power during hurricanes. Having a Magic Cook in the house will be a big help when we lose power. Sharon was kind enough to send along two ten packs of the heating packets so we won’t run out. You can cook a lot of things besides a can of soup in it too; perhaps Sharon should write a recipe book for Magic Cook!

Here’s what it looks like before we opened it up:

magic cook review 2










All in all, I was very pleased with the Magic Cook’s performance. It works as advertised, in fact, I had to let the tea cool a bit before I drank it because it was so hot! This is a handy product to keep on hand for emergencies and power outages, it would also be good for camping or even taking to school or work to heat up a hot lunch.

When I first saw the product, I thought it was a good idea if it worked as advertised. It does work as advertised and now I’m glad I have one!

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