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Affiliate Summit – Internet Entrepreneurs

affiliate summitThere are many ways to classify entrepreneurs, but every year, Affiliate Summit draws people looking to become internet marketing entrepreneurs to Las Vegas for three intensive days of learning and networking. I attended this year’s Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas – my fifth. I credit the knowledge and connections I gained at these conferences with much of my success in the online marketing world.

Shawn Collins and Missy Ward, founders of Affiliate Summit, began having the conference 10 years ago; 200 people were in attendance. Since then, the conference grew to 5,500 + attendees. They have an Affiliate Summit in the summer too, usually in an east coast city like New York, Philadelphia, or Boston. As the industry grew, the conference grew with it.

What Happens at Affiliate Summit?

The bulk of the knowledge at Affiliate Summit is found in the sessions. Each session covers a specific topic about internet marketing, geared towards beginners, intermediates, or experts in the field. Going to sessions is like going to college, the information gleaned at each session can be put to immediate use by most internet entrepreneurs.

New attendees have the option of having a mentor throughout the show. I was a newcomer mentor this time at Affiliate Summit; I had the pleasure of showing Joey Myers, Cimberly Gonzales, and Ozer Elbeyli around the show. I helped them navigate the show floor, advised on sessions, and showed them the best places to eat and party in Las Vegas. I’ll do the newcomer program again, but I may speak at the next conference, like I did last year.

Entrepreneurs at every turn

Almost everyone at Affiliate Summit is an entrepreneur. Whether it’s independent publishers (like myself), product owners, or networks, the people who attend the conference are there because they love what they do and they want to expand their businesses. It’s also a great place to meet the people you do business with online in person. Everyone at the conference understands the business. When I tell people back home what I do for a living, they usually say “you do WHAT?!?”

I interview a lot of entrepreneurs for this site and for Hot Dog Stories. I was on a press pass this year and I asked successful affiliates the question “What does it take to be succesful in the affiliate marketing industry?” Their answers are what you’d expect from most entrepreneurs!

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