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50 State Capitals Deck

50 state capitalsMotivational author Ken Bradford pitches his instructional product, 50 State Capitals in 50 Fun Minutes, in episode 103. The product is a deck of flash cards that uses phonetics, cartoons, and word association to make it easy to learn and memorize all 50 state capitals in 50 minutes. As of taping, the product is a prototype.

50 State Capitals Deck Shark Tank Recap

The segment  opens when Ken walks into the Tank wearing a Dr. Seuss-like coat and hat. He’s looking for a $155K investment for 10% of 50 State Capitals in 50 fun Minutes. He goes through three examples before one of the Sharks ask how many he’s sold. The answer: one. In one of the shortest pitch segments ever, the Sharks all go out.

50 State Capitals Deck  Shark Tank Update

Ken doesn’t have a website, Facebook page or Twitter account for his product, but it is still for sale on Amazon. It looks like it isn’t a strong seller, but after 5 years, at least the 50 State Capitals Deck is still in business.

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  1. This seems like a great teaching tool for 5th or 6th graders. I think he should take it to The Learning Palace or someplace else that offers resources for teachers.

  2. Crime Nation says

    From The Way This Was Presented It Might Be A Good Learning Tool.

    But From The Way The Cards Read You Might Learn The States And Capitols But It Didn’t Have Them Spelled Correct .

    I Mean Cool Idea You Might Learn The States And Capitols But You Won’t Learn The Proper F’n Spelling .

    Total Did In My Book Yo

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