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Airbedz Shark Tank Update – Shark Tank Season 3

Jim Pittman faced challenges with AirBedz after his Shark Tank pitch, encountering patent disputes and struggling to maintain market traction.

Airbedz Shark Tank Mark Cuban


  • Jim Pittman pitched AirBedz, an air mattress for truck beds, on Shark Tank but failed to secure a deal.
  • Post-show, Pittman faced legal issues over patent rights with TruckBedz.
  • The venture struggled with patent disputes and market challenges.


Category Details
Name AirBedz
Founder Jim Pittman
Industry Outdoor Equipment, Camping Gear
Product Air mattress for truck beds
Funding No deal on Shark Tank
Investment Ask $250,000
Equity Offered 25%
Valuation Not explicitly mentioned during the pitch

AirBedz entrepreneur Jim Pittman looked like a buffoon when Mark Cuban told him to “get up off your ass and sell” in episode 313. At the time, I raised some public questions about the validity of Pittman’s patent for AirBedz. Rather than engage in a discussion about patents, Pittman lawyered up and I received a terse letter asking me to pull my post. Being a free speech type, I was prepared to tell his lawyers to piss off. Then I looked at my stats for the show. Out of about 18,ooo visitor’s to this website that day, only around 100 were for the AirBedz post; half of those were from IP addresses in Pittman’s community (probably his lawyer’s office). Rather than make a big stink about it, I pulled the post – because NOBODY CARED!

AirBedz in the Shark Tank

The Sharks liked AirBedz. Who wouldn’t? It IS a good idea. If you do a lot of camping and have a pick-up truck, it’s a terrific accessory. Mr. Wonderful thinks it’s too much of a niche product, he’s out. Robert and Daymond are out too. Mark likes the product, but he tells Pittman to “get off your ass and sell;” he’s out. Barbara offers $250k for 50% of the business. Pittman counters with 25% and Barbara goes out.

AirBedz after the Shark Tank Update

Pittman claimed all sorts of patent protection for Airbedz. Unfortunately for Pittman, the USPTO recognized another company (TruckBedz) as the holder of the patent for the AirBedz design! Looks like “The Original Truck Bed Air Mattress” aint so original after all. To make a long story short, apparently Pittman “borrowed” the idea for the air mattresses from the holder of the patent, TruckBedz, and proceeded to copy not only their product, but their website and marketing strategy as well. There have been numerous confrontations and court battles about this, but ultimately justice prevailed. With patent 8316484 finally recognized, TruckBedz can get back to the air mattress business and stop worrying about patent lawsuits. TruckBedz initially applied for the utility patent back in 2006 and it was FINALLY granted in November 2012; the length of time it took ought to give people an idea of how messed up our patent system is!

It appears Barbara was lucky Pittman didn’t take the deal! I am told AirBedz will be served formal notice of all “Airbedz” and “Airbedz Lite” models infringement of patent 8,316,484 any day now. Looks like the air is out of this venture. As for Pittman’s lawyers – don’t send me any letters, I have the first amendment AND the TRUTH on my side.

File under “Litigious Asshat.”

Here are the REAL pick-up truck air mattress:

****Note to readers and entrepreneurs****

When I originally reported on this story, my intent was to engage Mr. Pittman in a discussion and help him promote his product. We support the entrepreneurs here at the Shark Tank Blog and I love this product; back in the day when I camped a lot and had a pick-up, I’d be a customer. When there is a story, good or bad, I reserve the right to tell readers about it, but I will always welcome ALL SIDES of the story. Unfortunately, Mr. Pittman doesn’t get that. If he spent as much money and energy on product development and sales instead of “borrowing” ideas,  covering his tracks and hiring lawyers, maybe he would still have a viable business. There is MUCH more to this story, but space and time limit me in this format. Maybe I’ll tell the whole story in my book…


  1. Who wrote this? It’s 2020 and Airbedz is the alive and well from everything I see. This article is pretty suspect.

  2. Ok, first off made sure I measured my bed. 5.5 front to tailgate. Check…ppi405, Check… looked all over the sight and found the only two with that size description. One being 12 inch thick and not in stock, or dont even exist, the other 10 inch thick
    And ordered. Check…got the the thing in a timely manner, super stoked aired it up and was like totally bummed. Like what the hell happened??? It doesn’t fill the bed like they claim it does. To set it where the wheelwills are there is like 18 to 20 inch gap at the head of the mattress for your pillow to fall into while you sleep.. I put the tailgate extension on the mattress and had to shove it all the way to the front and then there was still probably like 10 inches to the end of the gate…NOW for the only great thing that came from this was…it actually held firm all night.. you know like all air mattresses do about 4 am its half flat and you are now becoming a human taco. NOPE NOT WITH THIS…it was still I believe just as firm as when I went to bed at 10 PM at 7 am..the tailgate extension on the other hand was some what soft..we will see next trip if it was just a one time thing or if the air bed is actually a good one at holding air…mainly disappointed in the fitment for my truck..

  3. Suzie Davis says

    Not trying to call you out, but what actually happened? I just watched a rerun in 2023 and Airbedz is all over Amazon and other sites. I could only find minimal reference to Truckbedz and their design is completely different from Airbedz. — TB had cut outs for the wheel wells, AB goes over them. I agree the guy seems like a bad person, but it doesn’t look like her list any patent battle.

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