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Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tools

QuickstopFirefighter and entrepreneur Matt Scarpuzzi hopes to ignite the Sharks and get an investment for his Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tools in Shark Tank episode 524. Scarpuzzi designed the Quickstop Tools to help prevent some of the over $4 billion in water damage caused by water sprinkler accidents. Building sprinklers are designed to put out fires, but when they go off and there’s no fire, that’s trouble.

The solution is keeping a few Quickstop Tools on hand. It’s like a specially designed vise grip wrench that covers the sprinkler and halts water flow until it can be shut off at the main and repaired. The “Industrial” tool, designed for firefighters, also doubles as a door chock, a fire hose coupling spanner, a utility wrench, a valve wrench, and more. The product currently sells on the Quickstop website.

Scarpuzzi is likely looking for the Sharks to help with inventory and distribution.

Quickstop Shark Tank Recap

Matt is looking for a Shark to invest $150K for 10% of Quickstop. He reveals he’s sold about $18K worth of product in 6 weeks. The Sharks aren’t crazy about his margins: it costs $25 to manufacture and he sells the product for $89.95. In addition to the “firefighter version,” Matt has a home leak stopper and extendable handles for hard to reach sprinkler heads.

Matt reveals he needs an investment for parts to fulfill current orders. Lori offers $75K for 18% but she wants another Shark to partner with her. Mr. Wonderful offers to kick in the other $75K but he wants the total equity for Lori an himself to be 50%. Lori counters with 40% after Matt appears hesitant, but ultimately, Matt can’t give up that much equity, so he turns down Lori and Kevin’s offer and leaves without a deal.

Quickstop Shark Tank Update

One of the things Matt faced in the aftermath of his Shark Tank appearance was a LOT of attention from female fans. Apparently, women find him attractive. Sorry to say, ladies: Matt is happily married! Sales of the Quickstop are steady and Matt branched into international sales. He also did a deal with Wyndham Hotels. In 2019 the company rebranded to QuickStop Tools.

Matt continued to make inroads into sales over the years and he developed new products. In addition to the commercial fire sprinkler tool, he developed a firefighter multi-tool, fire sprinkler paint covers, quick cleanup & decon wipes, heavy duty storage case, and wall mount case.

As of October, 2023, he has customers in 30 countrieas and the company does $1 million in annual revenue.

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