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saucemotoTony LaHood, William Moujaes and Michael Koury want to make dipping safe again with Saucemoto, their dip holder for automobiles, in Shark Tank episode 1021. All three men have design and engineering backgrounds and are self-professed “tinkerers and dreamers.” Simply put, they like inventing stuff. Their firm, Milkmen Design, got their first round of Saucemotos made with $63,308 they raised on Kickstarter back in late 2017.

The initial vision for the product goes back to 2007 when the guys were on a road trip. They got some chicken nuggets and fumbled around with their sauces while driving. Inevitably, there was a spill and they thought “there has to be a better way.” Sauce moto was the result. It’s a holder for sauce packets that clips into the AC/Heating vent of virtually any car. It’s sized to snugly accept all major brand sauce or ketchup packs out there. If you want to bring your own sauce, there’s a small dipping dish included.

They first thought about Saucemoto all those years ago, but it didn’t come to fruition until William got a 3D printer and began making prototypes. People loved them, but they weren’t the final product. The guys got every sauce packet they could find and made sure they all fit. They also had to make a universal clip that fit in every car vent.

Now, Saucemoto is widely available on Amazon. A set of two costs $10.99. The guys have a lot of buzz because it’s such a quirky product and they’re looking to capitalize on a Shark’s fame and fortune to take sales to the next level. Will a Shark want to take a dip?

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SauceMoto Shark Tank Recap

Tony, William and Michael enter seeking $45,000 for 15% of their business. In a very tongue-in-cheek pitch, they promise to leave the ketchup-less fry in the past. They hand out samples and tell the story. While the Sharks are amused by the story, Barbara questions whether the world really needs this.

Mark likes the guys, but thinks they have too much work ahead of them – he’s out. So are Barbara and Lori. Kevin offers the $45,000 for 50%. Robert says he thinks they have other products in them and wants to partner with them in future projects. He offers $45,000 for 40%. Kevin lowers his offer to 25% saying the four of them are all equal. The guys accept and Kevin exclaims “let’s go make hundreds of dollars!”

SauceMoto Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. The deal with Kevin did not close. The product sells on Amazon and on  the company website and the fellas are continuing their crusade to leave ketchup-less fries behind! As of December, 2022, the company is alive and kicking with $250,000 – $500,000 in revenue.