doughpKelsey Witherow feeds the Sharks some of her Doughp – snackable cookie dough in a variety of flavors – in Shark Tank episode 1021. Witherow spent ten years at Intel doing product marketing, but she had a dark secret. Witherow was an alcoholic. She got sober in 2015 and rediscovered her love of baking. She loves cookies and cookie dough.

A self-professed “sometimes vegan,” Kelsey looked for a substitute for raw eggs in her Doughp cookie dough so she wouldn’t get sick. Once she perfected her recipes, she wanted to share them with the world. In 2017, she opened a small kiosk on Pier 39 in San Francisco and did corporate catering gigs. Now she has Doughp at AT&T park and in Las Vegas at the Miracle Mile Shops in Planet Hollywood. The retail shops feature the cookie dough plus “mocktails” and milk shots.

Doughp is a socially conscious business, too. Kelsey gives a portion of her profits from her sales to organizations that help people struggling with addiction. She also uses a non-profit co-packer that employs disadvantaged folks and people trying to stay sober.

In addition to the retail locations, she ships wholesale cookie dough and sells direct on her website. It’s a tad pricey – $69 for a six pack of four ounce containers of cookie dough. She likely wants to expand the retail business while rolling out more direct to consumer offerings. Will a Shark offer this business some dough?

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Doughp Cookie Dough

Doughp Shark Tank Recap

Kelsey enters seeking $450,000 for 10% of her cookie dough business. With over 20,000 customers per month coming to her single location, cash flow is good. As she hands out samples, the Sharks moan with delight as they sample her fare. The Sharks like Kelsey’s branding and margins. They also like the $850,000 in sales in a year and a half.

The valuation is way too high for the Sharks. Lori doesn’t want to sponsor something that will enable childhood obesity. One b y one, the Sharks drop out, and Kelsey leaves without a deal.

Doughp Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. As of August 2019, Doughp is still in business and doing well.

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