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TriMi Tank

Trimi Tank Lindsay and Nikki on Shark Tank

TriMi Tank entrepreneurs Lindsay Johnson and Nikki Bilsky are two Pittsburgh hockey moms who started their business on a dare. They came up with the idea for their series of interchangeable tank top straps to create custom looks, while shivering at their son’s hockey games in the wee hours of the morning. They originally applied to Shark Tank as a joke to shut their husbands up. Initially, they were declined, but someone at ABC changed their mind and called Lindsay one day while she was on the way to hockey practice. The two friends had to put their business together in just a few weeks, so TriMi Tank did not have a lot of history when they taped.

TriMi Tank in the Shark Tank

Lindsay and Nikki went in the Shark Tank looking for $57K for a 30% share in in their business. They only had around 100 sales and they were still making their products by hand. Lori’s interest is piqued, but she wants to know how women respond to TriMi Tank. When she finds out interest hasn’t converted to sales, she’s out. Mark likes the ladies, but he feels he doesn’t have the right expertise, so he’s out. Both Robert and Daymond think it’s too early for them to get involved; they’re both out. Mr. Wonderful is the last Shark standing, but he’s out too.

TriMi Tank Shark Tank Update

In the week following their initial appearance, Lindsay and Nikki were swamped with orders. Their business was literally a month old when they taped, so they ramped up TriMi Tank quickly to capitalize on their Shark Tank appearance. They sank everything back into their company and they are expanding their retail presence. Dominique Barteet, the wildly successful entrepreneur from season two who scored a deal for Onesole Shoes, features the products on her website. Lindsay and Nikki are doing very well and are courting other investors. Unfortunately, the women shuttered the business in 2013.

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