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Delighted By – Hummus for Dessert

delighted byMakenzie Marzluff created her Delighted By Dessert Hummus as a way for her to “spread the glitter.” What the Boston-based entrepreneur means is how you bring your particular gifts to the world around you. In Marzluff’s case, she spreads the glitter by making hummus for dessert. With flavors like Brownie Batter, Choco-Mint, Vanilla Bean and Snickerdoodle, this isn’t your grandma’s hummus!

Hummus is, if you don’t know, is essentially mashed chick peas, olive oil and lemon juice. It’s good for dipping veggies or crackers. Traditional hummus comes in savory flavors like garlic, pine nut, roasted pepper, etc. Delighted By hummus takes that savory-ness and makes it sweet. Whether you eat it like a pudding or dip a graham cracker in it, Delighted By gives you a sweet treat without a lot of “bad stuff.”

Marzluff pioneered the dessert hummus space. When she began packaging it for sale, she vowed her product would become the first nationally distributed dessert hummus. She’s well on her way. Whole Foods, select Wal Marts and Wegman’s carry the product and she’s rolling out in Publix and a host of other stores “soon.” She likely needs a Shark’s cash and knowhow to manage growth.

My Take on Delighted By

I eat a lot of hummus. Usually I snack on a few crackers dipped in hummus throughout the day. As I write this, I have four tubs in my fridge: artichoke and spinach, Mediterranean style, roasted garlic and “everything” hummus. I don’t have any particular brand loyalty – I usually buy what’s on sale.

A few seasons ago, O’Dang Hummus did a deal with Lori and Robert. They said they’d be in Publix, but my local store doesn’t have it yet. I was dying to try their Pickle flavored hummus. They’re only in 400 stores – a number Marzluff surpassed already. The reason is, her hummus is different.

She says she’s coming to Publix, and when she does, I will pick some up. If it’s good, I’ll buy it regularly. I have a sweet tooth, but don’t keep many sweets in the house. This could become my guilty pleasure – with less guilt! I’m in.

Are Sharks Delighted

Marzluff is a passionate entrepreneur. The Sharks like passion, especially when it’s combined with SALES. With the scope of shelf space and the announced new stores coming on, it looks like sales are good. The product is unique, too. Delighted By wouldn’t be “just another hummus.” There aren’t any brownie flavored hummus products in any of the stores I shop at.

Since Lori did a deal with O’Dang, she’s likely out. The other Sharks could be in play, but Barbara would be a good fit. She has other food products in her Shark Tank repertoire. The announcement that new stores are rolling out “soon” on the Delighted By website indicates a Shark is involved. Coinciding a Publix release with Shark Tank is good marketing and it smells like a Shark is involved.

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