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EZ C Pak – Natural Antibiotic Alternative

ex c pakDr. Sarath Malepati thinks EZ C Pak could be a solution to the expanding problem of “super bugs.” When people get a respiratory infection, cold, flu or a bacterial infection, doctors frequently prescribe antibiotics. The problem is, when you take too many antibiotics, the viruses and bacteria that they are supposed to kill develop immunity to the antibiotics. These so-called super bugs are an “increasingly serious threat to global public health” since they can’t be controlled. Malepati thinks EZC Pak can help turn the tide on this growing problem.

EZ C Pak consists of three supplements: Echinacea, Zinc and Vitamin C in two capsules. The supplements are designed to boost a body’s immune system so antibiotics won’t be necessary. For mild, routine bacterial or viral infections, they can replace antibiotics. This, he believes, will lesson people’s dependence on antibiotics for relief of symptoms. It can also reduce the prevalence of super bugs. Of course Ez C Pak won’t take the place of antibiotics in serious situations, he hopes more doctors will stop handing out antibiotic prescriptions willy nilly and use EZ C Pak instead.

In addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Malepati works with a company to develop products that deal with Inflammation & Wound Healing and Infectious Disease Management. This company, The PPC Group, is what developed EZC Pak. Malepati has his supplements in CVS stores and on Amazon, and it appears the business is well funded, so it’s unclear as to why he wants a Shark as a partner. We’ll see if any of them are interested.

My Take on EZ C Pak

When my oldest daughter (now almost 27) was young, she got a lot of ear infections. Pediatrician protocol at the time was to give the child an antibiotic. We referred to the amoxycillin she was prescribed as “the pink stuff.” She got prescribed quite a bit of it from ages 6 months to about four or five. Then, our pediatrician told us there was some medical studies that warned against overdoing it with the pink stuff. She stopped prescribing it for routine ear infections and the infections started going away on their own with supplemental treatments.

The result is my oldest daughter became very susceptible to minor infections since her body wasn’t “trained” to fight them off at a young age. She still gets way more than her fair share of colds and flu as an adult. This is exactly the problem EZ C Pak wants to solve. By taking the supplements instead of an antibiotic for minor infections, your body will “learn” how to fight off infections better. When I get the flu or a cold, I always OD on vitamin C and take a zinc pill or two. I’ve been doing that for most of my adult life. EZC Pak is just putting this time tested flu remedy in a neat package. I guess I’m in.

Will Sharks Like This Package?

Vitamin and supplement products generally don’t fare well in the Tank. Mark thinks many of them are scammy and the other Sharks shy away from them because of the claims they make. Maybe some of that skepticism will be alleviated because Malepati is a doctor. If he has data to prove his claims, he will eliminate a lot of objections.

That said, this company appears well capitalized and they have pretty broad distribution. Aside from the skepticism over supplements, Malepati might be accused of “gold digging” in the Tank. If the Sharks sense he’s only there for a commercial (which I think he is), it will be a short night for the good doctor.

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