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Female Fan Fashions – Gameday Couture

female fan fashionsKurt and Shawnna Fedderson want to know what statement the Sharks will make on game day when they pitch Gameday Couture, their line of female fan fashions. The Feddersons’ business is creating fashionable, college licensed female fan fashions that has women showing their support for their favorite college teams. They currently license OSU, TU, OU, ARKANSAS, KSTATE, KU, TEXAS A&M, TCU, TEXAS TECH, BAYLOR, and SMU. They promise “more to come soon.”

Their line is targeted, obviously, toward women. Most of the fan apparel out there on the market is geared towards guys, with an occasional pink shirt or sweatshirt to satisfy the ladies. When a pink hoodie wouldn’t cut it for Shawnna, she decided to create her own female fan fashions and in 2009 she started making more stylish, college licensed apparel she’d want to wear herself. Kurt is her partner, both in business and marriage and the pair have made it their mission to make female fans more stylish.

My Take on Female Fan Fashions

We sport a lot of fan apparel in our household. I have countless Red Sox and Patriots jackets, hats, tee shirts, sweatshirts and just about anything else you can imagine. So do my wife and kids. We love our teams! The Feddersons want to capitalize on that kind of love.

I showed the Gameday Couture website to my daughters over the Thanksgiving holiday and they liked most of the products, but their colleges aren’t licensed yet. Expanding the licensing is the key to Gameday’s growth. If they have hundreds of colleges and pro teams too, the business will make millions.

I have to believe they want a Shark’s help with the licensing end of things so they can grow their business exponentially. Without a lot of licenses, they’re customer base is limited. I think if they can grow the number of licenses, they have a potentially HUGE business. I spoke to a friend of mine at a major online sports apparel retailer and he said they already carry some of Gameday Couture‘s items and they’re working with them on getting more licenses. He also said college licensed apparel does $4.6 billion in annual sales and female fan fashions are second only to tee shirts in percentage of that volume.

I think Gameday Couture is a winner and will go on to be a very big business.

Do Sharks get their Game On and Invest?

Whenever a clothing company comes into the Shark Tank, the obvious target is Daymond. That said, I think the Feddersons might get some interest from Mark, too. He knows how big sports licensing is and if Gameday Couture has decent sales and a fair valuation, he could bite. Robert is a dark horse here, too. I don’t think Mr. Wonderful or Lori bite on this, though.

I could see Mark and Daymond teaming up on this business if the dollars are in order. I believe the only thing that can prevent Gameday Couture from getting a deal is the Feddersons themselves!

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  1. Cool business :)) …thanks for sharing this Rob! I really think I need to call on them. think of how many stadiums have purse and bag restrictions …it’s happening more and more. PortaPocket with school logos on ’em = WIN!

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