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Magnetic iPad Amplifier

magnetic ipad amplifierSoundBender is a unique magnetic iPad amplifier that clips via magnet to the speaker area of an iPad. Inventor and Rabbi, Moshe Weiss, noticed when he was using his iPad, he had difficulty hearing it sometimes since the speakers project sound from the back. Weiss wanted something free of wires and the need for an additional power source, so instead of plugging in some ear buds, he invented a simple magnetic iPad amplifier that is essentially a”cup” that redirects the projected sound to the front of the iPad.

SoundBender has patents pending for a magnetic iPad amplifier. Weiss also completed the prototype process, so he did what an increasing amount of Shark Tank entrepreneurs did: he looked for funding on KickStarter. He was looking for $4,500 to fund the first round of production for sound benders. The KickStarter crowd liked the idea of a magnetic iPad amplifier and contributed well over $10,000 to the cause. The iPad sound amplifier has rave reviews from,,,, and many more. The best part is, SoundBender actually does what is says it will do!

What is the SoundBender Magnetic iPad Amplifier?

The SoundBender is essentially a piece of molded plastic with iPad magnets embedded inside. Weiss claims he uses the same magnets Apple uses for their iPads. As with any molded plastic product, the biggest expense is designing and building the mold. That’s been done. The KickStarter campaign was to start production. My guess is Rabbi Weiss is looking to the Sharks for more money to produce more Soundbenders and for a little help with mass distribution.

Do the Sharks hear profits from Soundbender?

With over 50 million iPads sold, there is a huge  market for an inexpensive and simple solution to enhance the sound from an iPad. There are other products like it on the market and in development, there’s even another similar item on KickStarter! The Sharks will want to know the status of the patent, the profit margins, and sales numbers. If they like what they hear (with or without a Magnetic iPad Amplifier), SoundBender could field multiple offers.

Rabbi Weiss has two sales in my house!

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