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Shark Tank Casting

season 5 casting calls Shark Tank CastingShark Tank casting calls for the spring have been announced. There will be open casting calls in Atlanta in January and Austin in March. Details will be announced by ABC and covered by the Shark Tank Blog. If you want more info on the latest Shark Tank casting calls, check ABC’s website or fill out an application for Shark Tank.

Shark Tank Casting Calls for Season 6

With 28 episodes scheduled for season 5, there are sure to be plenty of opportunities for season six. Last year, over 40,000 businesses applied to be on Shark Tank. Some businesses were recruited, some mailed in applications, and some attended a Shark Tank casting call.

Shark Tank has grown in popularity and is one of the hottest shows on TV. Businesses that appear, whether they get a deal or not, benefit from the exposure and often earn more in sales than  they were asking for. Shark Tank has become a cultural phenomena and brought entrepreneurship to the mainstream – many small business owners dream of appearing, but very few will make the cut.

If you plan on attending a Shark Tank casting call, read the interviews with Shark Tank entrepreneurs here on the Shark Tank Blog. There are many good insights for making a successful pitch to the producers (they’re the real Sharks).

With season 5 not even half way over, it’s good to see that season 6 is in the works.  Shark Tank is going into syndication starting January 7 on CNBC, so those re-runs will be coming every week and there will need to be more businesses to “fill the pipeline!”

If you plan on attending one of the announced Shark Tank casting calls, make sure you’re prepared. You need a business or product that serves a purpose, a compelling story, and a “hook.” If you get on Shark Tank, you can be sure success will follow! Good luck!

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