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Shark Tank Tuesdays on CNBC

shark tank tuesdays cnbcCNBC made a big deal out of airing Shark Tank on Tuesday nights. The popular show that owns Friday nights is in syndication now and CNBC hopes to give its own shows, like The Profit, a boost with the grand daddy of all business related reality shows as a lead in.

This may be good business for CNBC, but it’s also good business for the hundreds of Shark Tank entrepreneurs who appeared over the 4 plus seasons the show has been on the air. When Shark Tank first came on TV, it didn’t have the audience it does today. It was season three when the show really took off, so there are a lot of episodes fans haven’t seen. CNBC will likely cultivate new Shark Tank fans too. This will lead to more exposure for businesses that didn’t have 8 million pairs of eyeballs on their episode in the show’s early days.

Shark Tank Tuesdays on CNBC is a HIT!

CNBC had their highest ratings in six years for their New Year Shark Tank Marathon. It was a record day for Shark Tank Blog, too: there were over 20,000 visitors to this site on January 1! Tuesday’s premiere broke another Shark Tank Blog record, so I am wondering how CNBC fared. Whatever happens with Shark Tank Tuesdays, it can only make the Shark Tank “brand” stronger, and now CNBC gets to come along for the ride. With 28 episodes scheduled for season five and season six casting calls occurring as soon as this weekend, there will be plenty of Shark Tank for CNBC in the years to come.

The re-runs also provide an opportunity to catch up with some of the earlier entrepreneurs to get updates on their businesses. Shark Tank Blog plans to step up the interviews and updates for new viewers brought in by CNBC. When this site started in season three, there was really only one other Shark Tank Blog out there. Now there are dozens. Most of them suck because they just re-hash what’s already been said. The Shark Tank Blog gets behind the scenes info and interviews you just won’t find anywhere else, so bring it on CNBC! We can’t get enough Shark Tank!

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