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Single Serving Wine Glass – Zipz

single serving wine zipzJ. Henry Scott isn’t the first entrepreneur to pitch a single serving wine in the Shark Tank. Jim Martin actually pitched Copa Di Vino, his version of single serving wine twice – once in season two and once in season three. Martin never made a deal, but Mr. Scott hopes a Shark invests in his incarnation, called Zipz, in episode 613.

Scott set out to create Zipz when he realized he couldn’t find wine at public events and he didn’t like the “other” single serving wine options on the market. What he decided to do was “develop a better portable wine solution.” Whether he had his sights on Copa Di Vino or not, he entered into direct competition with Mr. Martin’s company.

The differences between Zipz and Copa Di Vino start with the wine. Copa Di Vino is from Martin’s own vineyards and Zipz wine is made by Fetzer’s – a long-standing wine brand in Mendocino County, California. The single serve containers are different, too. Copa Di Vino’s glass looks like a mini pint glass where the Zipz container mimics the look of a real wine glass, stem and all. Scott grew the business fast, taking it from idea to a product on the shelf in just six months.

My Take on Single Serving Wine

I enjoy wine with a meal. It’s not something I’d have at a ball game, but I can see toting around a few glasses to have with a picnic instead of the ubiquitous can of beer. I’ve seen Copa Di Vino EVERYWHERE since it was on Shark Tank and we tried some of the white wine two summers ago in Maine – it wasn’t bad. The guy at my local packy says he sells a lot of Copa Di Vino (no Zipz there yet) and he just reordered a bunch for the holidays; they make good stocking stuffers.

Mr. Martin knew there was a good market for his product and he proved it. Mr. Scott is doing his own version with Zipz. I think it’s a product that will sell well nationally, particularly with a well-known brand like Fetzer’s in the package. I am sure the packaging is patented, so this could be a very interesting pitch.

Do Sharks Drink Up?

The episode 613 promos are hyping the “biggest deal in Shark Tank history.” In the video (below), Mr. Wonderful is shown offering $2.5 million to someone. It’s no secret he wanted a deal with Copa Di Vino to get his hands on the packaging so he could license it. Mr. Scott showed he knows how to put a business together and he’s not worried about putting his own vintage in the single serve wine glasses. On paper, it looks like a Shark Tank marriage made in heaven. My guess is Kevin wants a piece of Zipz so he can license the packaging.

I think Zipz does the big deal with Kevin!


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  1. flyboy2160 says

    No wonder Martin ended up sweating and refusing O’Leary’s desire for the patent – the patent wasn’t his to sell! What a sleazeball for not owning up to this! I hope Zipz crushes him. It also looks like Zipz is a better design in that the twist cap is certainly stronger than the foil adhesive joint and the reseal is better.

  2. Did anyone do the DD on this firm, seems like some outsiders did and found out some interesting things about the CEO (aka, Scott Pasch, aka J hennry) Your thoughts or follow up?

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