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SkinnyShirt Smoothing Undershirts

skinnyshirtThe ABC press release for episode 611 described the SkinnyShirt as a “button down and pullover shirt designed to make you look skinny.” One would think it was some sort of compression shirt – a la Hold Your Haunches. That’s not what SkinnyShirt creator Julie Kalimian had in mind. The ShinnyShirt is actually a morph of a tee-shirt or camisole with a button-down shirt.

When you wear it with a sweater, it looks like you have a button-down shirt on, but the “smoothness” of the tee-shirt doesn’t make you look like your smuggling candy into the movie theater! As you can see in the picture to the left, the woman looks a lot sleeker, slimmer, and neater while wearing her SkinnyShirt.

Kalimian started selling SkinnyShirts online back in 2010 and the brand is gaining traction. She’s done about half a million in sales – mostly from the website, but she’s in around 20 small boutiques and several “big” online retailers. She’s likely using her Shark Tank appearance to help with exposure for her brand; she probably wants a deal to get into mass retail, too.

My Take on SkinnyShirt

When I first saw this product, I thought of an article of clothing called a “dickie,” which is a turtleneck collar without a shirt attached. I remember my dad having some in the seventies – wearing one gave the appearance you were wearing a turtleneck without the bulk of an actual shirt. They were (are?) extremely tacky – right up there with clip-on ties.

SkinnyShirt takes that concept to the women’s market. Women want to be comfortable, yet still have a little fashion flair, whether it’s for the office or a casual night out. The picture of the woman wearing the SkinnyShirt looks nicer, and that’s the ultimate goal – to look nice.

I asked my wife her opinion. Unlike me, she goes to an office every day and needs to look professional. In the winter, sweaters are a wardrobe standard, as are collared shirts underneath. She likes the SkinnyShirts and said she wants one (or two). Her reasoning was straightforward: they look more comfortable and “less rumply.” I think that’s what Ms. Kalimian was shooting for; it looks like she has a winner.

Do Sharks Get the Skinny?

All I can think of is the disappointment Julie must have felt when she found out Daymond wasn’t on the panel; he could really help get a product like this moving. That said, Barbara and Lori could be very interested. After all, they did team up last year to invest in Hold Your Haunches – the butt slimming pants. Maybe they could do a package deal – Hold Your Haunches and SkinnyShirts would make women look like some sort of superhero goddess!

I believe Ms. Kalimian’s best hope is to do a deal with Barbara or Lori; I can’t see Mark, Kevin, or Robert going for this product. Kevin calls her a cockroach at some point in the pitch, but she stands up to him! Lori and/or Barbara, if they like Julie and the product, could bring value to this business. They’ve both done well with clothing products in the past and SkinnyShirt has a pretty big following.

I think Julie gets an offer, but whether she does or not, women will identify with this product and go out and buy it.


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