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Vibe Ride: A Game-Changer in Skateboarding

vibe rideVibe Ride, a groundbreaking company born in the scenic mountains of Utah, has taken the skateboarding industry by storm with its revolutionary longboard brake system. In the dynamic world of extreme sports, innovation is the key to pushing boundaries and enhancing the thrill. Vibe Ride, a groundbreaking company born in the scenic mountains of Utah, has taken the skateboarding industry by storm with its revolutionary longboard brake system. Founded by young entrepreneurs Charlie Cannon, Carson MacDonald, and Chris Goodhue, Vibe Ride is set to make waves on the upcoming episode of Shark Tank, scheduled for January 12, 2024.

A Journey From Napkin Sketch to Shark Tank Spotlight

Vibe Ride’s story began in a college dorm room, fueled by the founders’ passion for skateboarding and a desire to conquer the challenging downhill terrains surrounding their Utah base. The company’s roots trace back to 1999 when Brakeboard, an Australian venture, introduced the world’s first commercial longboard brake after years of dedication. Fast forward to 2023, and VibeRide emerges as a new force in the industry, having acquired Brakeboard’s designs and patents to perfect the groundbreaking Rat Brake.

The Vibe Ride Skate Brake™: A Game-Changer in Skateboarding

Vibe Ride’s engineers undertook a meticulous 3-year R&D journey, refining the Rat Brake into the cutting-edge Vibe Ride Skate Brake™. With a 30% reduction in part count, enhanced performance, and the elimination of overheating issues, Vibe Ride’s creation is set to redefine skateboarding safety and control. The brake system, featuring mini disc brakes with ceramic discs sourced from actual car factories, provides skateboarders with a newfound sense of control and eliminates the need for the traditional foot-braking technique.

A Skateboard Brake for the Masses

Charlie Cannon, one of the founders and a serial entrepreneur, brings his experience from the successful sale of EXO Drones to the table. The VibeRide brake system, showcased at the Outdoor Retail Expo, generated over $50,000 in sales within the first few months. The company’s TikTok channel,, and collaborations with prominent skateboarding platforms like Braille Skateboarding are rapidly expanding Vibe Ride’s reach and fan base.

The Market Impact and Public Reception

Vibe Ride’s introduction of skateboard brakes is causing ripples in the multi-billion dollar skate industry. Positive public feedback, demonstrated by impressive sales figures and millions of social media views, suggests a potential shift in consumer preferences. A recent survey of 422 individuals revealed a willingness to substitute scooters or bikes for cruiser skateboards equipped with brakes, indicating a shift in the market dynamics.

Charlie Cannon: The Visionary Behind Vibe Ride

At the age of 23, Charlie Cannon is not your typical entrepreneur. His journey from extreme skier to the founder of EXO Drones, a multi-million-dollar company, showcases his Gen-Z level understanding of the internet and social media. Cannon’s latest venture, Vibe Ride, is backed by six skateboard brake patents, setting the stage for a potential industry revolution. Rumors of an undisclosed investment from a renowned investor further add to the anticipation surrounding Vibe Ride’s future.

As VibeRide prepares to face the sharks on Shark Tank, the skateboarding community eagerly anticipates the outcome. With an innovative product, a passionate team, and a visionary leader in Charlie Cannon, VibeRide has not only introduced the world’s first skateboard brake but has also set the stage for a potential revolution in the skateboarding industry. Whether it’s a risky gamble or the next big thing, only time will tell, but VibeRide’s journey is undeniably one to watch. Visit for more information on this game-changing innovation.

My Take on Vibe Ride

My skateboarding days ended decades ago. I did ride one a lot in my teens and I could have used this product. On more than one occasion, I wiped out going pretty fast on hills near my home. A brake on my board would have prevented many skinned knees and some serious road rash!

I have two daughters that still use their longboards to get around. They like the idea of a braking system and were very interested in learning more about this product when I asked them what they thought. The skateboarding community is going nuts for this product so I think they’ll be a big success.

Do Sharks Skateboard?

I am going to go out on a limb here. This company is getting a deal tonight – with Mark Cuban. How can I confidently say this? There are several reasons. Mark likes young entrepreneurs with drive and passion. He also likes sales and with a $15 million company under his belt (while still in college), Charlie Cannon is a proven success story. What really makes me think they do a deal with Mark? The guys’ LinkedIn pages all follow Mark and they told a reporter they have “an undisclosed investment from a renowned investor.” They said it was a “handshake deal” and details would be revealed in early 2024. Bet the farm on a deal with Mark.

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