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Will There Be a Shark Tank Season Ten?

Shark Tank Season TenAfter moving to Sundays and losing viewers for a second consecutive season, people are wondering if there will be a Shark Tank season ten. Ratings peaked for the entrepreneurial reality show in season six with 9 million viewers. Since then, they’ve been declining. In season 8, the show only managed to get 6 million viewers.

Many blamed Mark Cuban’s political leanings and outspoken support of Hillary Clinton as a reason for the season 8 decline. Robert Herjavec attributed falling ratings to the nearly constant airing of re-runs on CNBC. Daymond thinks the cast needs to evolve with social media and continue to live Tweet during new broadcasts. He also thinks ratings are skewed because a lot of people DVR the show to watch later. Barbara thought it was due to changing time slots.

Barbara may have a point. In season nine, ABC moved Shark Tank to Sunday nights. As Barbara says, the show “finds its audience and then loses them again after moving to another time slot.” Airing on Sundays also pits the show against Sunday Night Football, popular with the 18-49 demographic. Her prediction rang true for season nine as ratings plummeted to average just 4 million viewers, down 17% from the already disappointing season 8.

More puzzling was the “early” season finale for season nine. The final new broadcast aired on February 29, 2018; the season finale usually airs during May sweeps. Perhaps ABC wants to maximize season nine by finding the right time slot for the show.

Shark Tank Season Ten Casting Calls

Despite lower ratings, the show started 2018 with an uptick to 5 million viewers. Shark Tank season ten casting calls are scheduled throughout the country in the first quarter of 2018. On January 8, 2018, there were open casting calls at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  In an article touting the open calls, it states “on Monday (January 8), it was announced the show was renewed for a 10th season.” ABC has no official press release on this, but the producers appear to be proceeding as if there will be a season ten.

Dragon’s Den, the Japanese TV series Shark Tank is based on, is in its 30th season. Canadian and British versions are in their twelfth seasons. In 2015, an Australian TV version premiered to rousing success. In all, there are over 30 versions of the show in different countries. While US ratings may be flat, it’s obvious the format has staying power.

ABC may or may not keep its word on renewing the show, but Shark Tank clearly hasn’t “jumped the Shark.” There is a huge niche audience for Shark Tank that stays loyal to the show no matter what the time slot is. If ABC ever puts it in a “prime slot,” ratings could soar. If the producers continue to keep things fresh with quality “guest Sharks” and compelling entrepreneurs, there’s no reason for Shark Tank to ever get cancelled.

Bring on Shark Tank season ten!

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  1. kathleen williams says

    HI:I enjoy Shark Tank but do not like re runs- I wish U had some body on to tell who’s buying inventions from the public,I invented the DROPSEAT JUMP PATTERNS,have not had any good luck selling the patterns,I’ve tried everything I know of to do this,I just want to sell them to get out of the business,I thought I had some reps a few years ago but they cheated me out of the Jumpsuits so I stop trying,I’m a widow now & can not do the above,I also sent info to some on the Shark Tank,no luck. Thanks.Hope to hear from U soon.K W.

  2. I like Shark Rank! While Mr. Wonderful might be hated or disliked by the other Sharks & viewers, he brings on the most entertainer part of the show; when the Sharks compete over a fight… This show also brings customer awareness to certain products. I have purchased “Scrub Daddy” & the toilet bowl glow…. I would love to see the show continue….

  3. Oh, PLEASE KEEP the show going. I do enjoy seeing the products and your Shark Crew. Do not let
    this show stop. I LOVE IT.

  4. Always watch this show. The time slot won’t matter to me because I am a fan of shark Tank and Dragons Den (Canada )

  5. shirley reed solomon says

    I love SHARK TANK.Please keep it on.

  6. ABC is horrible, they cancel Last Man Standing and move Shark Tank to Sunday’s. Both shows were hits. I happen to like the reruns on CNBC. I’ll watch them and then get on my tablet and Google and see if the deal went through or the business is still going good.

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