glovestixMomtrepreneur” Krista Woods looks for a Shark to partner with her for GloveStix, her product that removes the stink from hockey gloves and all other kinds of sporting goods. Woods mortgaged her house and quit a six-figure job to get the business off the ground. The idea came to her on a car ride home from a lacrosse tournament in 2014. As she puts it, there was a “huge stink party in the back seat, and I was tired of being invited.”

GloveStix are the result of her search for a solution to the stinky gloves. She found out the reason for smelly athletic gear was excess moisture. She sourced a material that sucks up moisture, fit it into two cigar-sized plastic tubes attached together with paracord, and the first GloveStix prototype was born.

By June 2015, she had 1500 prototypes made in a Chinese factory in her garage. The family took some pre-orders from their website and social media pages, but the bulk of their business came from traveling to various lacrosse and hockey tournaments and cold calling on sporting goods stores. In May 2016, she won “Next Big Thing” competition on the Today Show and was featured on QVC.

Each pair of GloveStix costs $29.99. There are also ShoeStix for shoes.Replacement media to remove the stink costs $7.99 and should be replaced every 90 days. She offers a subscription option for the refills at a 30% discount. GloveStix sold over 10,000 units so far. Woods likely wants a Shark to help get big box distribution. Will a Shark think this investment doesn't stink?

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Glove Stix Gets the Stink Out

GloveStix Shark Tank Recap

Krista will pitch the panel of five Sharks on the business and its prospects for growth. She'll need to convince Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Grenier, and Alex Rodriguez that the company is worthy of a Shark investment. A good business plan, good financials, and sales data will impress the Sharks, but she’ll need to show them SHE is capable of running the company to “Shark standards.” A full pitch re-cap on GloveStix will be available on Shark Tank Blog once this episode airs.

GloveStix Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. Once an episode has aired, we monitor the progress of the businesses featured, whether they receive funding or not and report on their progress. The Shark Tank Blog will follow-up on GloveStix & Krista Woods as more details become available.

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