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Q Flex

q flexMother/daughter team Andrea and Hong Cao hope the Sharks put Q Flex, their “Personal Acupressure System,” into their stockings for Christmas when they pitch the product in episode 614.  The Q Flex is a bendable, flexible wand that allows a person to apply acupressure anywhere on their body, all by them-self.

The Caos, who are of Chinese descent, designed Q Flex to recreate the ancient Chinese healing method of acupressure. By putting pressure on areas of the body, you can relieve pain. It’s like giving yourself a very vigorous massage. They claim using the Q Flex helps relieve pain and stress. Despite their Chinese heritage, the Caos manufacture Q Flex right here in the USA!

As of a week before their air date, the Caos are making each Q Flex by hand. They are likely looking for a Shark to assist with manufacturing and distribution. Will a Shark flex their muscles and make a deal with Q Flex?

Q Flex Shark Tank Recap

Andrea and Hong enter seeking . Andrea explained how they came to invent the QFlex. The Sharks like Andrea, she’s a real sharp salesperson. Robert says “there’s no way you’re 13!” She shows them how it works and says she’s sold 800 units- mostly door to door! The Sharks love it!

Robert loves Andrea, but asks about knock-offs. Andrea explains the proprietary nature of QFlex. Andrea says she’s put about $10,000 and has paid the money back. She says they’ll use the money for stainless steel molds to make more. Kevin asks who’s quitting their job – Hong says she would. The Sharks don’t want her to leave her nursing job and they don’t think Andrea should quit school either. Kevin goes out saying it’s a hobby business.

Lori says she sold a similar product, she’s out. Robert doesn’t like the product, he’s out. Barbara and Mark say they’ll offer $25,000 for 25% and they’ll handle all the operations. They have one contingency: Andrea must be available for sales calls!

RESULT: DEAL with Barbara and Mark for $25K for 25%

Q Flex Shark Tank Update

Andrea and Hong, along with QFlex, get an update segment in episode 629 in season six, just a few months after their original air date. We’ll see how far they’ve come with Mark and Barbara’s guidance.

Since the show, they’ve built a website and got 17,000 orders for over $500K in sales. They’re behind on fulfillment due to working out of their home, but working toward catching up with the whole family’s help. Barbara showed up in the segment and moved the operation into a fulfillment center and things are starting to go more smoothly.

Q Flex gets a second update in Beyond the Tank episode 108. In the segment, Barbara visits and they decide to go with a Dallas based fulfillment center. The Hongs also visit their manufacturer. Read all about the updates HERE.

Since Beyond the Tank, QFlex has continued to sell well. Andrea started another business called Andrea Equine which sells horse gear, saddles, etc. She even bought a ranch and adopted a wild Mustang with some of the millions earned from the product.

As of February, 2023, Andrea is finishing her senior year at Stanford where she is getting a Bachelor of Science in Innovation, Management and Entrepreneurial Engineering. QFlex is going strong with $3.5 million in annual revenue.

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  1. Just wondering, we have been using a product called, “Theracane” for maybe 20 years..and they are still on the market. It looks almost identical to the Q Flex.

  2. I am in awe of the girl’s presentation. My apologies for not remembering her name. Talk about girl power and being a role model for young women! I anticipate seeing her in a CEO position and helping break the glass ceiling that exist for women in the work place. Thank you!

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