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Drywall Repair Kit – Wall Rx

Drywall repair kit wall rxDr. Jim Lewis is famous for being the the DNA specialist for NBC during the O.J. Simpson murder trial and on “America’s Most Wanted;” after appearing on Shark Tank with his Wall Rx, he’ll be known as the “drywall repair kit guy.” Lewis, unlike many entrepreneurs with home repair products, enters the Shark Tank with distribution in ALL Lowe’s Home Improvement stores.

He got the idea for Wall Rx a few years ago when he paid a handyman $250 to patch a simple hole in his wall. When he started looking for a good drywall repair kit, he couldn’t find one he thought was good enough, so he invented Wall Rx. What makes Lewis’ drywall repair kit different is everything you need to fix a hole comes in the package, and it costs less than ten bucks! He claims anyone can use his product with success.

My Take on the Wall Rx Drywall Repair Kit

I still like to tell a story of how my then two year-old daughter punched a hole in the wall while bouncing on her bed. Her “repair job” consisted of piling stuffed animals and pillows on the bed to cover the hole. Needless to say, I found the hole, schlepped off to the hardware store, and spent about 50 bucks on materials to fix it. I’m perfectly capable of making this kind of repair, but had a good drywall repair kit been available at the time, I would have availed myself of the product.

Wall Rx has a clear disc, a frame with joint compound, and sandpaper – everything you’d need to repair a hole from one to four inches in diameter. The only thing it doesn’t have is paint! I think Dr. Lewis has a winner on his hands. Any product that makes home repairs simple enough for anyone to use is bound to be a success, especially if it can find its way to the consumer. I can’t think of a better way than being in Lowe’s.

Will the Sharks Patch up an Investment?

The Sharks may wonder, like myself, what Dr. Lewis is doing on the show in the first place. He appears to be able to get his product on the shelves, and it is selling well, so why appear on Shark Tank? Perhaps Mr. Lewis is looking for a partner or someone who can help him with the “business side” of things.

If he wants the Sharks to go to work for him, he may have a rough road ahead. The Sharks don’t like “working for someone else” unless they get a BIG piece of the business. On the other hand, if the numbers look good and sales are sound, there could be many interested Sharks.

The test will be in how Dr. Lewis values his business and whether the sales numbers pique the Sharks’ interest. If Lewis can demonstrate a big need for his drywall repair kit and that the business is profitable, he’ll be telling the Sharks “if it passes the test, you must invest!”

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