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The Bug Bite Thing – Itch Prevention

the bug bite thingWhile The Bug Bite Thing might not be the most imaginative name for a product appearing in the Tank, it does appropriately describe its purpose. It’s a thing, for bug bites. The funny thing about this thing is the entrepreneurs presenting the business, Ellen McAlister and Kelley Higney, didn’t even invent the thing.

Higney moved to Florida about six years ago and the voracious Florida mosquitoes feasted on her and her kids. She’s not a fan of repellents or other chemicals and the creams she used to ease the itching didn’t work to her satisfaction. So she searched the internet for an alternate solution and found The Bug Bite Thing.

The Bug Bite Thing was invented by a European doctor over twenty years ago. It’s a suction device that literally pulls the poison from a bug bite out of the skin, thus relieving the itch and irritation. It works for mosquitoes, bee stings, fire ants and just about anything that bites and leaves a welt. A Danish company bought the rights to the device but wasn’t really selling many of them.

Enter Kelley Higney. She says she comes from a long line of women entrepreneurs. Her company licensed the device from the Danish company, branded it, marketed it and started selling it on Amazon. The product sells in the USA and is expanding to Canada and South Korea. She probably wants a Shark to help her with her exponential growth.

My Take on The Bug Bite Thing

Like Kelley, I live in Florida. The mosquitoes are nasty. Even in a screened lanai, they manage to sneak in and feast. I’m not one for wearing repellents and I know for a fact most after bite type creams are not that great. If this thing works, she’ll be a  gazillionaire.

I ordered two from Amazon and won’t have them until after the show airs. I’ll do a review when I get them. At $19 for two, I figured  what do I have to lose? In the meantime, I’m IN.

Will Sharks Bite?

Usually with a product like this, the entrepreneur comes to the Tanks looking for help with licensing, but Higney branded a licensed product. I’m sure she has some exclusivity built into her deal or else everyone and their uncle would be selling bug bite things. Her angle is going to involve manufacturing, branding and distribution which any of the Sharks can help with.

Whether or not a Sharks bites will depend on how rich her deal is with the Danish company. She may even want to buy them out. Either way, the numbers will need to work. If they do, expect multiple bids.

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