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Vinamor Wine Aerator Preview

Vinamor Wine AeratorJust several weeks after the Wine Balloon debuted, another wine product finds its way into the Shark Tank; it’s called The Vinamor Wine Aerator. There is not much “out there” about this product, was invented by Gary DeJohn (the “contact” tab on the Vinamor website points to his Facebook page).

Vinamor Wine Aerator lets wine breathe

The Vinamor Wine Aerator is just what it says it is. A wine aerator is what lets the wine “breathe” prior to drinking. Most of the time, folks aerate their wine in a decanter and it can take a few minutes to properly aerate before you can drink it. According to Vinamor’s website: “The Vinamor sits neatly in the top of every wine glass and is distinguished by a glass sphere and stainless steel filter. As wine is poured over the sphere, the Vinamor exposes it to the greatest amount of surface area, allowing tannins to soften and the desired flavors to flourish. [This] aeration method allows for immediate wine enjoyment.” That’s a fancy way of saying you can instantly aerate your wine with this product.

If it does what it says it does, there would be plenty of wine enthusiasts who would drop the forty bucks they want for this product. Each ordered Vinamor is handmade upon ordering. The product won’t appeal to the $10 bin wine bottle buyer, but folks who have a decent wine cellar would probably be the market for this.

I can tell right off the bat, Kevin O’Leary would want to move the manufacturing to China and “bang out a hundred thousand” Vinamors; the hand made aspect won’t appeal to him! The Sharks do enjoy wine and have attempted to fund other wine products in the past, but there is something funny going on here.

The first thing I always notice about entrepreneurs who are going to appear on Shark Tank is, obviously, their website. I also look for the amount of pre-show hype they are facilitating for themselves. Generally speaking, the more pre-show hype, the more likely I am to believe they will get funded. There are exceptions, like Jared Joyce and Scott Jordan who use the web, the media, and social media to capitalize on their exposure on Shark Tank; but for the most part, the less hype an entrepreneur uses, the less likely I believe they will be funded.

Vinamor’s website is rudimentary at best- not the stuff that would indicate a successful Shark Tank pitch. A new website could be set to launch on the day of the show, a la Litter Jewelry, but I can neither confirm or deny that in this case. The Vinamor Facebook Page is sparely populated as well; in fact it appears to be very new. Even the inventor’s Facebook Page is sparse- not much there at all.

The funny thing is this. On Gary DeJohn’s Facebook, it says he worked at Vinamor. He invented it. His name is still on the Vinamor website as the inventor, but his own personal site indicates he is no longer involved in the company. This leads me to believe the Sharks make him a buyout offer. X amount of dollars for 100% of the business. It may be a stretch, but that’s my prediction on this one.

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  1. Yes guessing the outcome is always fun. While watching the show, if you see a “Home Package – as ABC calls it” – chances are they get a deal. No background video before the pitch,… watch for a bomb.

  2. Patty J Webb says

    I want one of these because I have never liked
    Wine of any kind maybe this is all I needed.

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