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Webcam Blocker – Eyebloc

webcam blockerWhether you call it a webcam blocker or a webcam privacy shield, CJ Isakow’s Eyebloc is sure to raise some eyebrows when he pitches in the Shark Tank in episode 515 on January 10. Isakow created the webcam blocker when he began hearing more and more horror stories about people being spied on through the webcams on their tablets and computers. Miss Teen USA got her webcam hacked and, even though the hacker was caught, had some very “revealing” images circulating for a while. Even the FBI says hacking into someone’s webcam is something they’ve been able to do for years.

Hacking a person’s webcam is called “ratting”  (an acronym for using a Remote Access Tool to hack a computer). Whether the activity is conducted by hackers or government agencies, the privacy implications are frightening. It sounds like something straight out of George Orwell’s novel, 1984.

So what is the unsuspecting computer user to do? You could grab some duct tape or a sticky note and put it over your webcam lens, or you could spend seven bucks on a webcam blocker like Eyebloc. CJ Isakow found many people willing to do the latter. When he first started marketing the device, he “manufactured” them on a 3D printer. When orders were coming in faster than his printer could churn out Eyeblocs, he got a mold and began manufacturing the webcam blocker in Minnesota. He sells the Eyebloc on Amazon and direct from his website.

My Take on the Eyebloc Webcam Blocker

Unfortunately, I think there is a real need for a webcam blocker. I’ve been using the sticky note solution for a few years now, but I might just drop the seven bucks for an Eyebloc. I practically live online, and the thought of having someone spy on me pisses me off. Even the “virtual Doberman” firewall I have set up could probably be compromised by some hacker (or worse – the government) if they were so inclined, so erring on the side of caution isn’t a bad idea.

Isakow has a winner here. He’s selling a low-cost, high demand item that millions (if not billions) of people need. While he may be capitalizing on a bit of hysteria surrounding this issue, a webcam blocker is a good idea. The sad fact is, in the digital age, we need to be ever vigilant about our privacy.

Will the Sharks See Value in Eyebloc?

The market for the Eyebloc is HUGE. Ipad accessories alone are a $2 BILLION dollar business! Depending on who you ask, there are somewhere between 900 million and 4 billion computers in the world, double those numbers if you include tablets and smart phones; that’s a lot of webcams. The Eyebloc isn’t the only webcam blocker on the market today, but it’s the only one appearing on Shark Tank!

Expect the Sharks to engage in a feeding frenzy over this product. Lori will like its universal appeal, easy demonstration, and low price-point; it’s a perfect TV product. Mark will like it because it’s just technological enough to garner his interest. Mr. Wonderful will be calculating royalty numbers throughout the pitch and Robert will just think it’s a cool idea.

I think Daymond will be a player on this product. Remember, he invested in a plastic computer/iPad accessory in season 4 when he funded the Soundbender, which also happens to be manufactured in Minnesota. Mr. Isakow is going to have multiple offers to choose from; if he wants a deal with a Shark, he’ll get one. As for me, I am “IN,” with an Eyebloc in Red, White and Blue!

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