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After The Show Shark Tank Reviews and Updates

Want to know what happened after the show? Shark Tank has continuously gained momentum with reruns being played twice weekly during the off season. Yes, that means that there is going to be another season of Shark Tank and if it’s like it’s sister show, “The Dragons Den”, it’s sure to be around for years to come.

This series brings entrepreneurship front and center on prime time television which is what we entrepreneurs need. Startup companies are going mainstream showing what entrepreneurs face when we go through the process of raising capital.

This might be the gateway to encouraging investors to look at the real job creators in the country and put their money where it’s needed most, in entrepreneurial startup companies.

In fact, we’ve been seeing star power such as Ashton Kutcher making serious investments into startup companies with many other celebrities following course. Could this be the start of the entrepreneurial revolution?

Occasionally, I’ve written about certain entrepreneurs that have appeared on Shark Tank and found that the articles generate quite a bit of interest. I’ve decided to take this a step further to go back and look at all the entrepreneurs that have appeared on the show and then give my thoughts on each one.

In addition, I’m creating a newsletter that will give you progress reports on each entrepreneur, their business and the Sharks. I want to give you what you want most, the after the show view of who these people are.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have an inside after the show scoop or if you’re one of the entrepreneurs that have appeared on the show. You’ll find that this special section will give you considerable exposure to people that have watched some of the episodes, but quite possibly missed the episode you were on.

This series will be great, nobody else will have better scoops and you’re going to love what you read. You’ll learn from their experiences as well.

Don’t forget to sign up for my Shark Tank after the show newsletter.

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