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As Seen on Shark Tank

As Seen on Shark Tank

The Shark Tank Blog is centered on the entrepreneurs and developments related to the show, not as much on the products as seen on Shark Tank. I started another site that will be more product-centric called, appropriatelty, “As Seen on Shark Tank.” The goal of this other site is to focus strictly on the products.

As Seen on Shark Tank Products

As I build out the site, my goal is to be the single biggest source of Shark Tank product reviews. There are many reviews out there and I will curate, summarize, and aggregate them on As Seen on Shark Tank. I’ll even write some of my own, as I’ve done on Shark Tank Blog from time to time.

The other goal of the site is to be a catalog of all the Shark Tank products. I have them listed by category, episode, season, and alphabetically. I’ve set up the site and page structure to accommodate future growth and possibly even be a platform for a Shark Tank affiliate network, but that’s a much bigger project.

The most important thing is I wanted it to be an independent source for people searching for Shark Tank products. On Shark Tank Blog, the product information is present, but it’s organized differently by design. Think of Shark Tank Blog as a novel and As Seen on Shark Tank as a dictionary or encyclopedia.

There will be no interviews, recaps, or updates on As Seen on Shark Tank – it will strictly be product information and reviews. The site is currently sparse, but I am working on it one day a week and whenever I have a little extra free time. I hope it will be considered a good resource for Shark Tank product information in the future, just like Shark Tank Blog is considered a good entrepreneurs’ resource now.

To visit As Seen on Shark Tank, click HERE.

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  1. paulette hamel says

    On episode 419 a new product of “shrink Wrapping” was shown and I can’t wait to find this product in the stores. I was employed at Crabtree & Evelyn and used shrink wrapping at there stores for their baskets,etc. I loved working with this product and would like to know where it could be purchased publicly. It’s a great invention and I am wishing you luck in your future sales. Thank you…………

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