Valentines Day Bouqs Review

I recently received a dozen roses from the nice people at Bouqs so I could do a Valentines Day Bouqs review. Bouqs appeared on Shark Tank in season five; they didn’t get a deal, but they’re selling a lot of flowers! In case you forgot, Bouqs hand cuts flower orders right from the fields in […]

The Verdict is SLAWSOME!

Slawsa is the “Slawsome” new condiment that’s available all over the USA. Entrepreneur, hot dog lover, and Hot Dog Stories fan Julie Busha is pretty Slawsome herself. She’s been sending the new condiment to me for a couple of years to bring on my journeys to various hot dog joints all over the place. Now […]

Mail Order Meat

Dave Alwan is at it again with his successful mail order meat business, Echo Valley Meats. Dave did big business after he appeared on Shark Tank and he’s giving the “big boys” in the mail order meat business a run for their money! Mail Order Meat goes National Dave took a regional business and put […]

As Seen on Shark Tank

The Shark Tank Blog is centered on the entrepreneurs and developments related to the show, not as much on the products as seen on Shark Tank. I started another site that will be more product-centric called, appropriatelty, “As Seen on Shark Tank.” The goal of this other site is to focus strictly on the products. […]

Proof Sunglasses Review

The guys from Proof Eyewear sent me some shades so I could do a Proof Sunglasses review. I never go anywhere without my shades, so I was looking forward to getting them in the mail! I always have quality sunglasses; I don’t buy the cheapie brands. I have two pairs of Maui Jim sunglasses and one […]

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