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Angel Shave Club Shark Tank Update – Shark Tank Season 10

angel shave clubIskra Tsenkova and Brian Archambo pitch Angel Shave Club, a monthly razor club aimed at women, in Shark Tank episode 1010. Iskra got the idea for Angel Shave Club when she couldn’t distinguish her razor from her husband’s. She thought it was time women had a monthly razor club of their own, so she started one.

A few years back, the Dollar Shave Club disrupted the razor industry by offering affordable, quality razors delivered to the home. Even shaving giant Gillette jumped on the shave club bandwagon. Now, many mundane items sell via the monthly subscription option and Angel Shave Club copied that model.

Based in San Diego, Angel Shave Club bills itself as the first shave club “for women, by women.” Iskra started the business in the spring of 2016. For about two bucks a blade, you get 8-16 blades shipped every two or four months. They also sell shaving cream and other accessories. Blades come in soft pastel colors and are of the highest quality.

Many of the “men’s” razor clubs sell women’s products and there are other woman-centric razor clubs out there. Iskra likely wants a Shark’s help dominating the market.

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Angel Shave Club Shark Tank Recap

Iskra and Brian enter seeking $300,000 for ten percent of their business. After they pass out samples and explain their business, which has $390,000 in sales over the past year, the objections start coming. The Sharks fear a bigger player will offer a similar service and squeeze them out. Supply chain issues also worry the Sharks. Ultimately, their valuation scares all the Sharks. With a churn rate of four to six billing cycles, no Sharks feel the investment is worth it and they leave empty handed, as I predicted.

Angel Shave Club Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. It wasn’t all bad news for Iskra and Brian after appearing in the Tank. Quake Capital invested $200,000 in the business and put them in their business accelerator program. Quake is the #2 active investor worldwide in female owned companies according to Crunchbase.

Anthony Kelani, Managing Partner of Quake Capital in Los Angeles, said “we love working with founders like Iskra who are creating products and services that address real world problems that have been overlooked. Angel Shave Club is addressing a real problem in the shaving industry and has created a solution to overpriced women’s shaving products, all while giving back to women around the world.”

Unfortunately, in May, 2020, the company went out of business due to Covid-19. There was some speculation the venture investors had something to do with the company’s demise, but they’re just rumors.