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fish fixe Emily Castro and Melissa Harrington hope to hook a Shark for Fish Fixe, their frozen fish delivery service, in Shark Tank episode 1307. The business partners met as college soccer team mates at Texas A&M and remained friends. Melissa has experience in seafood sales and marketing and Emily worked for a national liquor distributorship as a division manager. When Melissa’s second child was born, she wanted to eat seafood twice a week, but her hectic schedule made it difficult to plan for fish.

She began freezing fish in vacuum sealed wrap so she could easily defrost and prepare it without going to the fish market. Soon, she was doing the same thing for friends and family – including Emily. While on vacation together, they began talking about whether other families wanted a more convenient way to incorporate fish in their diets. That conversation was the genesis of Fish Fixe.

The business operates like many other food delivery services. You can order one time or subscribe. All fish is sustainably sourced and they curate the fish offerings by what is seasonally available. The standard box is costs $149 and they pick the fish. It includes two 6 ounce portions of 8 varieties of fish – enough for two fish meals for two for a month. For $159 you can pick 16 portions from the fish varieties on their menu. All fish comes with thawing and cooking instructions. These women likely want a Shark to help them (pardon the pun) scale their business. Will a Shark eat this fish?

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Fish Fix – Frozen Fish Delivery

Fish Fixe Shark Tank Recap

Emily and Melissa enter the Shark Tank seeking $200,000 for 15% of their business. They say they want to make waves in the seafood industry. They talk about the benefits of eating seafood and explain that only 2 in 10 Americans eat seafood twice a week. The reason, they think, people don’t eat more fish is consumers don’t know how to confidently buy, handle and prepare fish. They show off their packaging then let the Sharks eat sample shrimp, crab cakes, salmon and American Red Snapper.

They talk about their backgrounds and their service. The most popular box is $149 or $139. The company did $821,000 but only made $20,000 profit. Customer acquisition cost is $30-$40. Sales for the current year (2021) are at $494,000 year to date and they project breaking $1 million in sales for the year. The average order value is $143 and the delivered cost is $111.

What They Need

The reason they’re in the Tank is they need help with shipping. When the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns were in effect, they went from 75%, local one day shipping to over 50% shipping to the east and west coast. Shipping costs are 11% of their revenue. The plan is to use third party logistics to keep shipping anywhere under 2 days.

Mark says their primary costs, shipping and seafood, are variable; he’s out. Nirav asks about customer retention and thy say they retain 55% of customers and that 75% of total revenue is from the subscription side of the business. Robert says he loves fish but he can’t help with shipping and logistics, he’s out.

Kevin says it fits into his “Chef Wonderful World,” and says he can help with customer acquisition. He offers $200,000 for 33.3% of the business. Nirav says their industry is moving fish and he goes out. Lori says she’s their customer but she thinks they can get money without giving up equity, she’s out. Kevin says “all fish swim back to Mr. Wonderful.” They counter with 25%, Kevin counters with 30%. They ask how Kevin can help with customer acquisition and he explains his audience is mostly female. Mark defends Kevin’s offer. The women push at 25% but Kevin won’t budge. Lori jumps back in and offers $200,000 for 25% and they accept!

Fish Fixe Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. It appears the deal with Lori closed as Fish Fixe appears on her website. On show night, Lori Tweeted:

Great news! We move at lightning speed, we’ve already fixed all shipping
hurdles & can reach 98% of the country w/in 2 days! Plus our shippers are now 100% recyclable & new eco friendly packaging!

She also Tweeted an images of her doing a Facetime call with Emily and Melissa on show night. The company issued a press release stating they would be using their investment from Lori to “decentralize distribution to allow for more efficient service to customers on the East and West coasts. The company also plans to change its packaging to be 100 percent curbside recyclable.” This page will be updated as new information on Emily Castro and Melissa Harrington & Fish Fixe becomes available.

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