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Fun Time Express Shark Tank Update – Shark Tank Season 5

Fun Time ExpressStan Krozel and Kevin Ullery roll into the Shark Tank in their trackless electric train called The Fun Time Express in episode 524. The Fun Time Express is a high-end version of the trains you’ve probably seen at malls, tourist areas, and amusement parks for years. The difference is, the trains are designed so adults can fit inside comfortably and they boast “second to none” craftsmanship.

The trains aren’t limited to tracks either. They operate in malls in seven states and don’t need a track. A typical ride is 7-10 minutes long and runs the entire first level of a mall. The electric-powered engine is a replica of the American 4-4-0 steam locomotive, complete with whistle and faux steam. The company makes its trains in the USA and offers a business opportunity for people who want to run a business of their own.

They are likely looking to the Sharks for help with franchising and cash for expansion.

Fun Time Express Shark Tank Recap

Stan and Kevin enter seeking $125K for 20% of the business. As of their pitch date, 5 trains are in operation with projected sales of $900K. The Sharks are skeptical about how well they can scale the business, but Lori likes the idea and goes in for half of the $125K; but she needs another Shark to join her.

Mr. Wonderful offers to team up with Lori and together they offer $125K for 20% of the business – exactly what Stan and Kevin were asking for!

Fun Time Express Shark Tank Update

Since appearing on Shark Tank, they expanded from 5 to 8 locations with plans for more. In 2018, they closed the business down and returned to the real estate business.

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  1. Hey sharks…

    He’s owned the aforementioned realty company for at least 5 yrs before he went on the show.

    Talk about deception; getting a false interest from an entity you already own..

    Can you say due diligence?

  2. Omg!I’m sorry but every time I go to the mall these trains make everyone move so they can go through!I think they are annoying and boring. I am a mother of 5 and none of my kids like it

  3. My son has loved the train rides as long as they have been residents at Spring Hill Mall! Great owners and great staff! They are always courteous of the mall patrons who are walking.

  4. Who the heck goes to a mall anymore? Theyre all dead! Yeah I see a few with people, but malls are nothing like it used to be and never will be what they were. These sharks need to stop giving into crying tears of these people that are begging for $$$$

    • Jasmine J says

      I guess it depends on where you live. Our city mall is EXTREMELY packed every week. I can’t even stand to go anymore because of the excess of people. But I agree that the Sharks need to not invest in some of these things!

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